Korean Rice Cake Cafe – Jilsiru

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 9Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 9
( Fancy Korean Rice Cakes)

Consider these stunning cakes! Can you think that they are in fact Korean rice cakes?! I was extremely shocked to see them due to their charm as well as greatness. A few of these rice cakes can be quickly misinterpreted as western design cakes, similar to this one.

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 1Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 1
( Red wine rice cake, 3500 won (US$ 3.70))

This red wine rice cake resembles a kind of cheese cake however it is not. It is a little glutinous as well as its covering is a little wonderful as well as has an acquainted preference which I can not truly define (merlot I presume?). It was my favorite rice cake that I attempted from the store.

The store that markets these rice cakes is called “Jilsiru ( 질시루)“. Jilsiru is a Korean rice cake cafe (Tteok Cafe, 떡카페). It lies in the heart of Seoul. (I will certainly provide you the address near completion of the blog post, so you can visit!)

You can eat in or do eliminate. They offer Korean rice cakes which are a little bit a lot more fancier looking than common rice cakes, I state “fusionized rice cakes” as well as some typical Korean teas.

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 4Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 4
( Shown food selection– rice cake lunch collection, 5000 won (United States $ 5.30))

The rice cake lunch collection is a fine example of their blend rice cakes. The extremely last recipe under right are rice cake sandwiches as well as on their left there are some Kimchi rolled rice cakes. I really did not in fact have this food selection, so I do not understand about the preference. Nevertheless I review other individuals’s viewpoint concerning this as well as the reaction was extremely various (Some individuals enjoyed it as well as others despised it).

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 Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 5 Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 5
( From the table)

Every table has a glass of water as well as some blossoms in it. It sort of made me unwinded.

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 8Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 8
( From the within, a display screen of a little child as well as lady in Hanbok outfits)
Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 7Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 7
( Shown food selection– milk gruel, 6000 won (United States $ 6.40))

Milk gruel (Tarak Juk) is a health and wellness help food made use of in the imperial court (Milk was extremely uncommon in those days, so just individuals in an imperial court consumed it). The king had this gruel when he was ill or sensation weak. In contemporaries, individuals make this as a child’s or people’ food. I need to share my dish quickly!

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 15Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 15
( Shown food selection– Royal court ddeokbokki, 5ooo won (United States 5.30))

Korean imperial court rice cakes ( Gungjung Tteokbokki, 궁중떡볶이) is called the king’s junk food. Have you attempted my dish for this yet? Well, my dish isn’t as genuine as in those old days, however it still tastes excellent.

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 10Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 10
( Shown food selection– rice cakes that last for 3 months)

Generally rice cakes do not taste as good if they are greater than 24-hour old. Nevertheless Jilsiru made a few of these rice cakes that can last for 3 months at space temperature level. All you require to do is microwave it right before you consume it. Pretty smart!

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 12Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 12
( Pumpkin cappucino as well as rice cakes, 8ooo won (United States $ 8.50))

My spouse got a Pumpkin cappucino as well as some rice cakes. According to him, it was scrumptious as well as velvety, comparable to a light pumpkin soup, however likewise a bit various. It is absolutely something that would certainly appear relatively acquainted to a lot of Westerners.

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 13Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 13
( Seolgi tteok as well as Ssamji tteok, from the back)
Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 11Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 11
( Honey jujube tea with Goggal tteok as well as Hobak tteok, 8ooo won (United States $ 8.50))

I really did not get this Honey jujube tea (Daechu cha), however they erroneously offered it. So it provided me a great possibility to take images similar to this.

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 14Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 14
( Citrus tea as well as rice cakes)

This is what I got, Citrus tea (Yuja cha). After that my spouse stated that perhaps I need to have intoxicated the Chinese day tea rather, since it is a lot more fascinating for you to review. Is it? Korean citrus tea has a somewhat sour however quite wonderful preference at the exact same time. It’s fairly revitalizing as well as is among my favorite teas.

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We likewise purchased some rice cakes heading out.

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 6Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 6
From leading left– Citrus rice cake (Yuja danja), Delicious chocolate rice cake (Choco danja), Apple rice cake (Sagwa danja), Eco-friendly tea rice cake (Nokcha danja)– 1500 won (United States $1.60) each

Generally, the rice cakes weren’t as wonderful as I typically obtain. They appeared to attempt to highlight the all-natural preference from whatever components they made use of for each and every rice cake. The cost appears a little bit costly, but also for a periodic reward it would not be so negative.

Where is it situated?

There are 2 stores in Seoul. The huge one in Jongno as well as the various other remains in Insadong.

Korean Rice Cake Cafe - Jilsiru Korean Rice Cake Cafe - Jilsiru
( Address: 164-2, Waryong-dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul)
  • Web traffic information– (Metro) line 1, 3, 5 Jongno 3 ga terminal Leave No. 7
  • Nearby Visitor information– Changdeok Royal residence Donhwamun (Jilsiru has to do with 300m down the road that finishes at the royal residence)
Korean Rice Cake Cafe - Jilsiru 2Korean Rice Cake Cafe - Jilsiru 2
( Address:10 Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul)
  • Web traffic information– (Metro) line 3 Anguk terminal Leave No. 3

The entire structure where the huge Jilsiru lies has to do with Korean food. The second as well as third flour is Tteok as well as Kitchen Area Tool Gallery ( 떡 박물관, Tteok suggests “rice cake”). The Institute of Typical Korean Food gets on the floorings over the gallery.

I will certainly do a blog post concerning the gallery in the following blog post, so remain tuned!


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