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We have the wonderful Kate back with us. Kate is just one of the Wednesday Girls Supper originals. Having actually stayed in Germany for 2 years she the good news is went back to Brisbane and also drew back with ladies suppers quickly. Kate is our vegan so from this minute on Wednesday Girls Supper will certainly return back to Vego with fish and shellfish consisted of.

Kate made a tasty Thai feast for us this evening– she was preparing our stomaches for the Thailand journey we will start this Saturday– we’re so fired up!! The Thai Feast is from the well-known Spirit Residence Dining establishment and also Food Preparation Institution on the Sunlight Shore, Kate was fortunate sufficient to go and also experience the cooking college and also enjoyed what she prepared a lot she needed to share it with us, and also I am so extremely delighted she did since I enjoyed every mouthful!

To begin with we appreciated Tom Kha Gai.

Kate’s Idea: Extremely essential: the chili paste with soy bean oil is a need to for the Tom Kha Gai. You can purchase it at any type of Eastern grocery store, can be found in a container, normally sets you back around $2-$ 3. Below is a picture of what one resembles

Our major dish was the Stir Fry of Poultry (prawns & & tofu) and also Serpent Beans (environment-friendly beans) made with Phrik King Curry Paste.Kate made the curry paste recently and also maintained it iced up till she required to utilize it. It normally makes sufficient for 6 big mix fry’s.

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