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creamy south dakota pheasant breast

elements» 6 skinless pheasant breast fillets» 1/2 cup flour» 1 /2 cup milk or cream» salt & pepper to style» 1/4 cup vegetable or crisco oil (much less should you like)» 1 sm. can Cream of Rooster or Mushroom Soup (sauce lovers double this)

directionsmix flour, salt & pepper. coat breasts with flour combination. Brown the floured fillets on a sizzling grill till golden brown on either side. organize fillets in a greased baking dish in a single layer. mix soup & milk to pour over the browned fillets. bake coated 2 hours at 325ºf. serve with mashed potatoes and you will have sufficient sauce to make use of on the potatoes.

word: don’t throw away the pheasant legs and thighs. boil them in water for an hour or so (till tender). let cool, then take away the meat from the bone and use it in soups or sizzling dishes. it may be substituted for hen in hen soups or sizzling dishes.

Boneless Pheasant Breast Sautéed with Ginger & orange

elements» 1 pound boneless, skinless pheasant breast» 6 tablespoons recent orange juice, divided» 1/2 cup hen broth, divided 4 tablespoons dry sherry, divided 4 tablespoons hoisin sauce 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 teaspoons cornstarch 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons peanut oil, divided» 3/4 pound snow peas, sliced» 1/2 pound shiitake mushrooms, sliced ​​thinly» 4 inexperienced onions, sliced finely» 2 tablespoons grated recent ginger root» 4 cups cooked rice

directionslower pheasant into 3/4-inch items. combine with 3 tablespoons of orange juice and a couple of tablespoons of sherry and put aside. Mix remaining 3 tablespoons orange juice and a couple of tablespoons sherry with 1/4 cup hen broth, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, cornstarch & salt in a small bowl. reserve.

warmth 1 tablespoon oil in wok or 12″ nonstick skillet over medium-high warmth. when sizzling (however not burning) add peas, mushrooms, inexperienced onions, and ginger. stir and blend for 1 minute add 2 tablespoons of hen broth and proceed cooking till liquid evaporates (about 1 minute) add remaining 2 tablespoons of broth and prepare dinner once more till evaporated switch combination to bowl and reserve.

add the remaining tablespoon of oil to the skillet and place over medium-high warmth. add the pheasant combination and sauté for about 3 minutes, till the pheasant is completed. Stir the cornstarch combination effectively and add it to the pheasant together with the reserved greens. stir and prepare dinner about 1 minute, till sauce bubbles and thickens. instantly switch to a bowl and serve with sizzling rice.

word: estimated preparation time: 15 min.; estimated cooking time: 7 min.; serves 4

reddish roasted pheasants

elements» 2 pheasants» 1/4 cup orange juice» 1/4 cup olive oil» 1/2 teaspoon salt» 1/4 teaspoon pepper» 4 tablespoons chopped parsley» 2 garlic cloves» 12 strips of bacon

directionsrinse pheasants, trim, & I do know that. sprinkle with orange juice, then brush with olive oil (inside and outside). sprinkle with salt & pepper. divide the chopped parsley and garlic cloves, putting inside every cavity. place pheasants on rack in roasting pan. place bacon strips on prime; bake at 350ºf for 1 hour, basting regularly. take away bacon and proceed to bake for half-hour, or till breasts are golden brown and dry. effectively cooked. let relaxation 10 minutes earlier than slicing.

word: estimated preparation time: 15 min.; estimated cooking time: 1 h. half-hour.; serves 4

entire potted pheasant

elements»/b> 2 pheasants»/b> 2 onions»/b> 2 garlic cloves» > 4 items of celery» 1 c. water, wine, beer or hen broth» butter or 2 slices of bacon» salt & pepper»greens to decide on from

directionsstuff the cavity of every hen with one onion, one garlic clove, and one onion. 2 items of celery. place in a terracotta pot (heavy metallic coated roasting pan, pan with tight lid or double aluminum foil, plastic luggage made for roasting additionally work).

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Evenly butter breasts or use slices of bacon on every. encompass the birds with greens.

I take advantage of extra onions, 1-2 tomatoes, carrots peeled, white and halved; candy potatoes, yellow turnips, parsnips, celery sticks. flippantly salt & peppery greens. use sufficient to feed the flock and 1/2 pheasant per individual (except the birds are very small).

add a cup of water, wine, beer, or hen broth. cowl or seal bag as directed. roast about 1 hour at 350ºf, or till juices run clear. verify that there’s sufficient fluid midway. prepare dinner older, hardier birds a bit longer.

scalloped pheasant

elements» 1 pheasant (lower)»/b> 1 teaspoon salt» 1 cup breadcrumbs> 2 tablespoons melted butter» 2 cups entire milk

directionsprepare dinner pheasant till tender. pour & save broth. take away bones & pheasant cube. make a broth sauce, utilizing 1/2 broth and 1/2 entire milk. thicken a bit. season to style. Dip breadcrumbs in melted butter. In a greased saucepan, place alternating layers of diced pheasant, sauce, and crumbles. bake at 350ºf till heated by way of and prime crumbs are golden brown.

pheasant and wild rice

elements» 2 pheasants (lower up)»/b> 1 cup raw wild rice» 1 can cream hen broth» 1 can cream of mushroom soup» 1 can mushroom stems and items» 2 1/2 cups chestnuts water (non-obligatory)> 1 bundle dried onion soup combine

directionsflour & barely brown pheasant chunks. combine rice, canned soups, mushrooms & water chestnuts in a pot add pheasant. sprinkle dried onion soup combine over prime. cowl flippantly with foil and bake 3 hours at 300ºf.

pheasant breast full of cream cheese

elements» 4 boneless, skinless pheasant breasts» 1/2 cup butter» 1 1/2 cups crushed corn flakes» 1 8 oz. bundle cream cheese» 1/2 tablespoon garlic powder» 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese» 1/2 cup inexperienced onions finely chopped

directionssoak breasts in butter. coat every breast with cornflake crumbles. combine cream cheese, garlic powder, parmesan cheese & inexperienced onions collectively, divide into 4 components. place every coated breast flat in an ungreased baking dish. place a portion of the cream cheese combination on every breast and fold the breast in half to type a sandwich between the 2 sides. use a toothpick to carry the breast in place. bake 35-40 minutes at 375ºf.

roasted pheasant

elements» 1 younger pheasant, lower into » items 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. salt» 1/8 tsp. pepper» melted butter» your favourite barbecue sauce

tips on how to usebreast, thighs and legs. Utilizing a pointy knife, slice by way of the meat on all sides of the breast bone, forming 2 breast items. sprinkle items of pheasant with salt & pepper. brush effectively with melted butter or different fats. line backside of roasting pan with aluminum foil. flatten the pheasant items on aluminum foil.

do not use a shelf. roast with the floor of the meat 7-9 inches from the warmth. gradual roast. alter the place of the pan in order that browning begins after 10-Quarter-hour. flip sometimes and drizzle together with your favourite barbecue sauce. hold browning even. roast till tender, about 30 to 40 minutes.

roasted pheasant

elements» 1 younger pheasant» salt» 8 slices of bacon or salted bacon» 1/4 cup of oil

directionsthis methodology works effectively for birds which have been skinned. the excessive temperature of the oven and the continual basting of the slices of bacon or salt pork assist hold the meat juicy.

rub the pheasant’s cavity with salt. smoked salt can be utilized with slices of bacon if desired. form or plump hen. fill together with your favourite dressing if desired. fully cowl brisket and all meaty parts with strips of salt pork or bacon. tie in place. place hen breast aspect up on wire rack in shallow roasting pan. pour 1/4 cup of oil over the hen. roast at 400°f. don’t cowl.

Drizzle with oil if mandatory, turning if mandatory for even browning. roasting time 50 to 60 minutes relying on the dimensions of the hen and the diploma of doneness desired. the pheasant doesn’t have to be effectively achieved. too lengthy a cooking interval must be averted. if dressing has been used, keep away from letting it sit within the hen’s cavity for any size of time after cooking the meat.

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roasted pheasant with cabbage

elements» 1 younger pheasant» 1/2 cup chopped onion» 1/2 cup chopped cabbage » 1 egg, flippantly overwhelmed» 1/4 tsp. salt» 1/8 tsp. pepper» 2 tablespoons milk» 1 slice of bread, cubed or 1/2 tsp. crumbs» 8 strips of bacon

directionsmix onion, cabbage, flippantly overwhelmed egg, seasonings, bread cubes, and milk to make a moist dressing. fill cavity of hen with dressing. form or plump hen, use spherical toothpicks as skewers and tie with string to shut the openings. fully cowl the breast and all meaty parts of the hen with strips of bacon. tie in place.

Place the hen breast aspect up on a wire rack in a shallow roasting pan. roast at 400°f till tender, about 50-60 minutes. keep away from letting the dressing sit within the hen’s cavity for any size of time after cooking the meat.

roasted pheasant with horseradish sauce

elements» 1 younger pheasant»/b> 4 rashers of bacon » 1 tbsp. horseradish» 2/3 c. cream» salt

directionsrub the cavity of the hen with salt. form or plump hen. place hen breast aspect up on wire rack in shallow roasting pan. cowl the hen breast with strips of bacon. roast uncovered at 350°f for about 1 hour.

stir cream & horseradish collectively and poured over the hen. stir horseradish sauce into pan juices, basting hen typically. proceed roasting for 15 extra minutes. serve sauce with pheasant.

pheasant with cream

elements» 1 pheasant lower into items» 1 tsp. monosodium glutamate» 1/4 c. flour» 1/4 tsp. salt» 1/8 tsp. pepper» 1 tsp. paprika» 1/4 to 1/2 cup. bitter cream (or candy)» 1/4 tsp. shortening for cooking» 1 3-1/2 oz. can mushrooms (non-obligatory)» 2 tbsp. chopped onion (non-obligatory)

instructionswork effectively for older birds too! combine seasonings with flour. dredge the pheasant items in seasoned flour, if handy, enable to dry on a rack for about 1/2 hour. warmth a 1/4-inch layer of cooking fats in skillet to 340-360° f, or till a drop of water sizzles. Brown the pheasant items evenly and slowly in heated fats. keep away from crowding the items within the pan; flip as wanted with kitchen tongs to keep away from puncturing the liner.

wait 15-20 minutes for it to brown. take away the browned items from the pan and place one layer deep in a shallow saucepan. if desired, add mushrooms & chopped onion that has browned within the fats within the pan. Drizzle 1 to 2 tablespoons of candy or bitter cream (or 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of milk) over every of the browned pheasant items within the casserole.

bake at 325°f 45 to 60 minutes or till simply tender. don’t cowl the younger hen. an older hen might be baked coated till tender, then uncovered for 15 to twenty minutes to crisp once more. flip a few times if mandatory (so the items prepare dinner and crisp evenly. add extra cream if the meat dries out.


  • when the pheasant items are evenly browned, cut back the warmth within the pan (about 220°f). deck & amp; prepare dinner till tender (20-40 minutes). add small parts of liquid at a time, turning as wanted for even cooking. uncover final 10-Quarter-hour to brown once more. if desired, make the sauce with the fats from the skillet.
  • sprinkle dried onion soup generously over browned meat as a substitute of utilizing chopped recent onion.
  • pheasant parmesan

    elements» 1 pheasant, lower into items» 1 tsp. monosodium glutamate» 1/4 c. flour» 1/4 tsp. salt» 1/8 tsp. pepper» 2 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese» 1/2 tsp. paprika» 1/4 tz. butter» 1/2 tz. broth (or dissolve 1 hen bouillon dice in 1/2 cup sizzling water)

    directionsto be used for younger or grownup birds. Parmesan cheese is the important thing to the flavour.

    Combine seasonings into flour. roll the pheasant items within the combination. if potential, place the coated items on a rack to dry for about 1/2 hour. Slowly brown in butter in a skillet (340-360° f). enable about Quarter-hour on all sides. when golden, add the broth or sizzling water wherein the bouillon dice has dissolved. cowl. simmer about 20 minutes or till tender. uncover and prepare dinner an extra 10 minutes to brown once more.

    pheasant and broccoli casserole

    elements» 1 10-oz. bundle frozen broccoli chunks» 2 c. sliced ​​or diced cooked pheasant» 1/4 c. chopped bell pepper» 1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup)» 1 tbsp. finely chopped onion» 1/4 tsp. grated Parmesan cheese» 1/2 tsp. curry powder» 2 drops tabasco paprika sauce

    nice for leftover cooked pheasant.

    instructionsprepare dinner broccoli in accordance with bundle instructions, however restrict cooking time to five minutes. drain effectively; place within the backside of a shallow saucepan. place pheasant slices or cubes on prime of broccoli, sprinkle bell pepper over this.

    mix salt & seasonings besides paprika and a bit cheese. Pour this sauce over the pheasant combination. sprinkle with remaining cheese & with paprika bake at 350° f for 20 minutes. serves 4.

    pheasant fillets

    elements» 1 younger pheasant» 1/4 c. flour» 1/4 tsp. salt» 1/4 tsp. pepper» 1 1/6 tsp. oregano 1/16 tsp. basil » 1/4 tsp. butter

    directionsto be used of breast & thighs solely. with a pointy knife, slice the meat on all sides of the breastbone, forming 2 steaks. break up the thigh to take away the bone. pound steaks till even thickness. combine salt, pepper, oregano & basil with flour (Variation: Substitute 1 teaspoon paprika for basil and oregano.)

    Brown steaks slowly in butter or different shortening (340-360° f). flip when golden. To check for doneness, lower a slit down the middle of the steak with a pointy knife. steaks must be tender, with no proof of pink. cooking time shall be about 3-5 minutes. serve instantly. if desired, drizzle with a bit lemon juice simply earlier than serving.

    braised pheasant with mushrooms

    elements» 1 pheasant lower into items» 1/4 tz. pancake combine» 1/4 tsp. butter» 1 tsp. mushrooms» 3 tbsp. chopped onion» 1/2 tz. broth (or use 1 hen bouillon dice dissolved in 1/2 cup sizzling water) 1 tbsp. lemon juice» 1/2 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. black pepper

    wonderful methodology for older birds; additionally appropriate for younger birds.

    directionsDrain lower pheasant items into pancake batter. Brown the items in butter till golden brown (about 10 minutes). take away pheasant items. within the remaining butter within the pan, sauté the mushrooms & chopped onion till golden (about 10 minutes). return the meat to the pan, add the broth, lemon juice & seasonings.

    cowl & simmer 1 hour or till tender. take away the lid over the past 10 to fifteen minutes of cooking time to re-brown the meat.

    pheasant baked in onion rings

    elements» 1 younger pheasant, lower into items» 1/4 c. pancake combine» 1 giant or 2 medium onions» 1/4 tsp. melted butter» 1 tbsp. lemon juice» 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce salt» pepper

    directionsroll pheasant items in pancake combine (or seasoned flour). place the dredged items in a single layer in a greased shallow saucepan. slice the onions; prime the pheasant items with onion rings. cowl with melted butter. sprinkle lemon juice, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce. bake at 375°f till tender (about 1 hour).

    if you would like extra browning, bake at 450° f for 10 to fifteen minutes, turning items as wanted.

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