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I need to share the recipe that took me from hating liver to loving liver!

I feel the world falls into three teams when it comes to liver:

a small minority who adore it.

a barely bigger group that has tried it and does not prefer it.

a overwhelming majority who have not tried it (and are satisfied they will not prefer it).

what group are you in?

The opinions on our purchase liver web page are a testomony to the love affair many individuals have with liver.

I used to be within the center group, however just lately realized my destructive bias was primarily based on two issues: I wasn’t cooking proper, and I hadn’t had my very own grass-fed beef liver from heartstone farm.

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so now I am in group #1, and I am right here to share how I now cook beef liver and why it made a distinction.

Here is crucial factor I can share: do not overcook it. That itself will in all probability flip you from a hater to a lover. you desire a little bit of pink, no extra, no much less.

The elements on this recipe are bacon, milk, onion, butter, and salt. do not skimp on the salt. (By the way in which, salt is not as dangerous as you may need thought.)


  • 1 pound heartstone farm grass fed beef liver purchase right here

  • 4 strips of bacon

  • 3 tablespoons grass butter

  • 1 massive onion

  • 4 massive garlic cloves

  • 10 ounces sliced ​​mushrooms


    • Unwrap beef liver and place on a layer of paper towels. I like to cook it and serve it sliced.

    • Soak the liver in a plate or bowl of milk for 30-60 minutes. this is a vital step in eradicating the bitter style from the liver.

    • Salt and pepper the liver generously and produce it to room temperature when you put together the remaining elements. dries up the liver.

    • Cube the bacon and fry it in 2 tablespoons of butter in a big skillet. when crisp, take away bacon bits from skillet and drain on paper towels. go away the fats and butter within the pan.

    • Slice the onion into thick slices. you need your onion items to be in regards to the dimension of a chew of liver. Sauté in low fats bacon and butter till starting to soften however not but translucent.

    • add the garlic for 30 seconds.

    • Set the onion and garlic to the aspect of the pan, away from the warmth.

    • flip the warmth up to medium and add the final tablespoon of butter

    • When the butter is melted, add half of the liver slices. cook till you start to see the perimeters cooking. will change from pink to grey. when that edge is a couple of millimeters thick (2-3 minutes or so), flip them over.

    • Fry on the opposite aspect for one more 2-3 minutes. Till you understand how you want your liver, the easiest way to examine is to minimize it up. if it is nonetheless pink, maintain turning it till it is simply cooked by means of. you simply desire a trace of pink so it is cooked by means of however nonetheless tender

    • Place the liver on a platter and cook the remainder of the liver in the identical manner.

    • throw away the bacon bits and smother the liver with them.

    • Serve!

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