Converting an oven or stovetop recipe to a slow cooker recipe

How to convert a recipe to slow cooker

So, you have discovered a lovely slow-cooked recipe: that vivid sauce, the tender meat, the scrumptious greens… nevertheless it’s an oven or stovetop recipe. And you do not have time to sit over a pot for 3 hours!

excellent news, you possibly can nonetheless expertise all the great belongings you slow prepare dinner by turning that oven/stovetop recipe into a slow cooker recipe.

turning an oven or stovetop recipe into a slow cooker recipe can take a little bit of experimentation to get proper, however listed here are some easy suggestions to comply with to make the method that a lot simpler.

defrost your components first

simply add thawed meats and greens to your slow cooker. Since slow cookers use such low warmth, frozen components enormously enhance the time it takes to warmth the components.

Not solely does this enhance cooking time, however it might probably additionally enhance the possibilities of foodborne sickness. no thanks!

Thaw your components within the fridge earlier than including them to your slow cooker.

place your components in a different way

Whereas oven and stovetop slow cooker recipes usually combine greens and meat collectively, there’s a higher approach to do it within the slow cooker.

Place powerful greens like potatoes and carrots on the underside (the place it is hottest), then place meat and others on high so the whole lot cooks evenly.

change the quantity of liquid

If you happen to’re cooking a stew or casserole that provides broth, water, wine, or different liquids, cut back the quantity you add. normally about 3/4 of the liquid known as for within the recipe is sufficient.

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since slow cookers use a decrease temperature, liquids will not cut back as a lot.

You’ll be able to prepare dinner a slow-cooked roast in your slow cooker with out including any liquid.

modify herbs and spices

Slow cookers use a decrease warmth, so half the quantity of herbs and spices might be sufficient to taste your meals.

If utilizing dried herbs and spices, add them solely within the final half hour of cooking. its taste can turn into uninteresting if cooked for too lengthy.

do not add dairy at first

in case your recipe requires dairy, add it within the final half-hour of cooking or it might curdle.

set the time

refer to the chart beneath to convert occasions for stovetop or oven recipes to slow cooker recipes.

every recipe will fluctuate a bit, so this information is approximate.

how to make the sauce thicker

Your meat and greens are cooked, however the sauce continues to be too runny on your liking? subsequent time, use a little much less liquid.

to thicken your stew, comply with these easy suggestions to thicken any stew.

take notes

it is at all times a good concept to write down what you probably did once you efficiently transformed a recipe.

We’ve got a great tool for you to register your recipes. It is a good way to protect your transformed slow cooker recipes, household recipes and extra, and you may flip your recipes into an eBook. Click on right here for extra data!

uncover extra slow cooker suggestions and recipes

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