Condensed Milk Ice Cream

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I shriek, you shriek, all of us shriek for gelato– Condensed Milk Ice Cream that is!

This Condensed Milk Ice Cream dish is an additional one from Matt Preston’s Quick Fresh as well as Extremely Delicious recipe book I got for Xmas.

I constantly assumed that if homemade ice cream was to taste as well as look as gelato should, one required a gelato manufacturer, however the good news is I have actually been shown incorrect. This Condensed Milk Ice cream is soft, smooth as well as mischievously pleasant as well as takes every one of 5 mins to prepare.

With heaps of cherries left over from Xmas, I determined a cherry compote would certainly improve my luscious Condensed Milk Ice cream completely. The cherry compote just included matching regarding 500g of cherries, putting them right into a pot evaluated tool warm as well as including a great sprinkle of brandy, orange juice as well as roughly 3 tbsps of sugar. Enable to cool down.

Offering your Condensed Milk Ice Cream as well as cherry compote inside a waffle cone mug covered with a solitary ruby-red cherry has an antique appeal that is as enchanting as can be.

Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Condensed Milk Ice Cream1


3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla remove
400g can pleasant condensed milk
300ml cream


Cool your suggested gelato container in the fridge freezer.

Currently different 3 eggs. Maintain both the whites as well as the yolks.

Very first usage as well as electrical whisk as well as defeat the 3 egg yolks as well as vanilla remove with a consistent drizzle of the materials of a 400g can sweetened condensed milk. Beat for 3 mins. Whip 300 ml cream up until thick; as well as blend 3 egg whites up until extremely tight. Thoroughly fold up the cream after that the egg whites right into the condensed milk. Put right into the now-chilled container as well as freeze.

Dish many thanks to Matt Preston’s Quick, Fresh as well as Extremely Delicious recipe book

Condensed Milk Ice Cream2

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