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Ark all cooking pot recipes

Video Ark all cooking pot recipes

To cook dinner in ark survival developed, you want to use a campfire or a cooking pot. You may additionally want uncooked supplies like water, berries, or meat together with objects like savoroot, longgrass, rockarrot, and citronal.

as soon as you have acquired all the required materials, you may additionally want meals recipes which are scattered across the sport world or dropped by dinosaurs.

survival ark developed cooking recipes

relying on the recipe, cooked meals gives you with further advantages comparable to stamina, elevated oxygen, and extra.

One essential factor to notice is that you’re going to additionally want wooden and water (from a water jug ​​or pores and skin) and you want to take out charcoal whereas cooking a recipe. The next listing accommodates all of the meals recipes discovered within the sport:

rockwell recipe

Crafting Recipe: 3x Meat + 10x Berries + 4x Drugs + Water


Crafting Recipe: 9x Meat (Cooked) + 5x Savoroot + 5x Longgrass + 1x Blackberries + 1/2x Narcotic + Water

gives extra oxygen and improves restoration from accidents

enduro stew

Crafting Recipe: 3x Meat + 5x Rockarrot + 5x Savoroot + 1x Blackberries + 1/2x Stimulant

gives elevated harm output and sprint

sizzling soup

crafting recipe: 5x citronal + 2x tintoberries + 2x amarberries + 1x mejoberries + 1/2x stimulant

gives hydration and retains you contemporary

Steak stir-fry within the shade

Crafting Recipe: 1x Prime Meat + 2x Blackberries + 2x Narcotic + 2x Uncommon Mushrooms + 1x Savoroot + 1x Rockarrot

gives higher hand-eye coordination and means that you can stand up to excessive temperatures

battle tartar

Artisan Recipe: 1x Prime Meat + 2x Blackberries + 2x Stimulant + 2x Uncommon Flowers + 1x Citronal + 1x Lengthy Grass

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gives supernatural energy, velocity, and stamina

focal chili

crafting recipe: 9x meat + 5x citronal + 20x amarberries + 20x blueberries + 20x pink berries + 10x mejoberries

gives extra focus

chilly curry

Crafting Recipe: 5x Longgrass + 5x Rockarrot + 20x Blueberries + 10x Betterberries + 2x Narcotic

gives warmth and ignores the chilly


Crafting Recipe: 20x Titoberries + 2x Narcotic

gives a state of pure therapeutic to your physique

power beer

Crafting Recipe: 20x Blueberries + 2x Stimulant

gives further resistance

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Lazarus soup

Crafting Recipe: 1x Water + 10x Mejoberry + 5x Longgrass + 5x Savoroot + 2x Narcotic + 9x Cooked Meat

medical concoction

Crafting Recipe: 1x Water + 20x Redberry + 2x Narcotic

candy vegetable pie

Crafting Recipe: 1x Water + 25x Fiber + 2x Longgrass + 2x Rockarrot + 2x Savoroot + 4x Stimulant + 4x Sap + 2x Big Bee Honey

Tonic to cleanse the thoughts

Crafting Recipe: 1x Water + 200x Mejoberry + 20x Unusual Mushroom + 20x Uncommon Flower + 72x Narcotic + 72x Stimulant + 24x Cooked Prime Meat

enlightenment broth

Crafting Recipe: 1x Water + 10x Mejoberry + 2x Citronal + 2x Longgrass + 2x Rockarrot + 2x Savoroot + 5x Woolly Rhino Horn + 1x Black Pearls

cooked beef jerky

Crafting Recipe: 1x Oil + 3x Gunpowder + 1x Cooked Meat

first-class jerky

Crafting Recipe: 1x Oil + 3x Gunpowder + 1x Cooked Prime Meat

cactus broth

Crafting Recipe: 1x Water + 10x Mejoberry + 10x Amarberry + 10x Blueberry + 30x Citronal

mushroom beer

Crafting Recipe: 1x Water + 5x Aggeravic Mushroom + 5x Water Mushroom + 5x Auric Mushroom + 3x Sap + 3x Frozen Fuel Balls

nirvana toner

Crafting Recipe: 1x Water + 200x Mejoberry + 70x Narcotic + 72x Stimulant + 20x Uncommon Flower + 20x Uncommon Mushroom + 24x Prime Cooked Meat + 207x Highly effective Twilight

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