Zucchini Sticks w Sweet Onion Dipping Sauce

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This message is committed to my close friend Sara. Sara saw my Zucchini Sticks with Sweet Onion Dipping sauce on a current instagram image of mine. She truly desired the dish, so as any type of friend would certainly have it I chose to share my Zucchini Sticks dish with you all.

Not having actually taken a’ expert’ image of my Zucchini Sticks yet, I was extremely reluctant in creating an article for them. I’m attempting so difficult to boost my food digital photography as well as I need to inform you it’s hard! I do not assume individuals know the moment as well as initiative that enters into a food post. First you need to certainly prepare the dish, after that there’s the plating-up, digital photography, creating as well as editing and enhancing– after that you need to be honored sufficient to wish to publish the item to the globe.

On this event I have actually assumed what the hi! I’m publishing my Zucchini Sticks dish anyhow. They are so delicious as well as their Panko-crisp external layer as well as soft, juicy, prone centre makes it practically difficult not to return for increasingly more. And also my image– well allow’s simply state I have actually taken a creative technique today.

Zucchini Sticks w/ Sweet Onion Dipping Sauce

Zucchini Sticks with Sweet Onion Dipping Sauce

Active Ingredients

3 zucchinis, tool sized
1 onion, cut
1 tblsp butter
2 tblsp cider vinegar
2 tblsp honey
1 tblsp Dijon mustard (or whichever ready mustard you favor)
1 mug entire egg mayo (shot as well as resource mayo that makes use of totally free array eggs)
1 mug ordinary flour
2 eggs
1 tblsp milk
1 mug panko bread crumbs
1/2 mug fresh grated parmesan
2 tblsp dried out oregano
Salt & & Pepper


Cut each zucchini down the centre right into 3 lengthy slabs. Cut each slab right into thirds; after that fifty percent them. You desire about 7cm size embeds completion.

Transfer your zucchini stays with a bowl-shaped sieve resting over a dish. Spray over 1 tblsp salt as well as permit to drain pipes for 1 hr. (This procedure extracts the wetness in the zucchini sticks).

Currently to the dip!

In a tool pan, thaw butter over medium-low warmth, include onion.

Stir periodically up until onion has actually softened as well as caramelised, about 25 mins. Guarantee you maintain the temperature level reduced as you’re much less most likely to shed the onions (the reduced as well as longer it chefs the much better).

When the onions are well caramelised, eliminate from warmth.

Location caramelised onions, cider vinegar, honey as well as mustard right into a mixer (conversely you can make use of a hand mixer). Refine up until smooth.

Transfer sweet onion mix to a dish, include 1 mug of mayo as well as mix up until well incorporated.

Back to the zucchini sticks

Preheat stove to 200ºC. Line a cooking tray with cooking paper as well as spray with olive oil.

Rinse zucchini sticks to water after that pat completely dry with a tea towel.

In a superficial dish, incorporate ordinary flour as well as pepper. In an additional superficial dish, defeat egg as well as milk. In the last superficial dish, incorporate panko crumbs, grated parmesan, dried out oregano, salt as well as pepper.

Dip zucchini embeds flour, get rid of accessibility. Dip zucchini embeds the egg combination after that layer lastly with bread crumbs mix.

Just do 1-2 zucchini sticks at a time otherwise you will certainly obtain a strong glob of mess. I recognize you’ll wish to hurry via them yet I guarantee you they’ll end up a whole lot much better if you put in the time to dip as well as layer them individually.

Location zucchini sticks on ready stove tray. Cook for about 25 mins, transforming zucchini sticks midway via food preparation. Time might differ depending upon your stove; completion outcome must be gold crispy zucchini sticks.

Transfer zucchini stays with a plate with the sweet onion dipping sauce in a great dish on the side.

Dig in!


  • Often I peel off the zucchini sticks since the crumb sticks much better to the zucchini’s flesh.
  • You can gently spray zucchini sticks to olive oil prior to you placed them in the stove for added goldy-goodness.
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