What kind of cooking oil do Koreans use?

olive oil

olive oil

( Additional virgin olive oil, a photo from regular chosun)

A pair of visitors asked me why do Koreans make use of a lot olive oil incooking If you experience a pair of my dishes, you will certainly quickly observe that also.

Well, to be truthful, I have no suggestion what kind of cooking oil various other Koreans usage for theircooking Nevertheless, I do recognize that I like utilizing Additional virgin olive oil (I currently make use of rice bran oil) for my cooking, due to the fact that we think that it is healthier than various other kindsof oil Though, given that it is reasonably costly, I make use of veggie oil for deep frying.

Prior to olive oil ended up being incredibly popular in Korea (around 2004-5), many Koreans made use of veggie oil (consisting of bean oil), now given that there are much more ranges of oil readily available such as olive oil, grape seed oil, canola oil and so on, I presume individuals pick by their choice, spending plan allocation, as well as just how wellness aware they are.

What kind of cooking oil do you make use of?

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