This is the “Rice Cooker”

Cuckcoo rice cooker

Cuckcoo rice cooker

Update: Have a look at my brand-new rice stove from right here!

This is my rice stove.
Whenever I take a trip overseas and also still require to prepare myself, I actually miss out on having this rice stove. Due to the fact that I do not require to bother with spilling water when rice boils, it never ever melts or embeds the pot, and also it constantly provides me excellent distinctive rice.

It’s a stress stove and also it appears to make the rice sticker label and also shinier than simply a typical electrical rice stove. It has various food selection setups for white rice just, brownish or grain combined rice, and also sushi/gimbap rice. It can additionally prepare sponge cake and also fit to be tied stew or meat and so on (however I have not attempted sponge cake with it yet).

It is definitely my treasure to name a few cookware and also really hassle-free to utilize.

I normally prepare a mix of brownish and also white rice– 1:1 (for 2 individuals), it takes around 25-30 mins. Nonetheless if I prepare just white rice (for 2 individuals) it takes just 15 mins.

Last But Not Least, if you can not consume the rice for one dish after that simply leave it in the rice stove. Nonetheless, it is finest not to save it for greater than 24-hour, since it’s not as scrumptious as maybe and also the rice begins to dry. It additionally might scent and also tarnish.

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