Tefal Mini Oven (8.5L)

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This is an image of my TEFAL mini oven.

Tefal mini ovenTefal mini oven
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I acquired this oven regarding year back. I would certainly have acquired a huge integrated in oven if I was mosting likely to remain in Korea completely. I can cook 6 tool dimension cookies at once, so it takes me regarding 3 hrs to cook a practical quantity of cookies. I acquired this for 86,000 won ($ United States 90.50), currently it is offered for 77,000 won online (United States $81.10).

This is an image of “Convex” brand name oven. Preferred in Korea right now. (offered from 90,000 won, United States $ 94.80, 18.5 L, 2 tale oven).

Convex ovenConvex oven
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This is an image of the most affordable oven in Korea right now. “Namyang Kitchen area” brand name (offered from 25,000 won, United States $26.30, 9L)

Namyang Kitchen OvenNamyang Kitchen Oven( Image credit rating:

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