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Slow cooker precooked ham recipes

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Making a crock pot ham does not need to be troublesome or sophisticated. The truth is, I will present you the way straightforward it’s to make this Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham in a Crock Pot! observe the step-by-step directions and ideas to decide on the finest ham for your loved ones!

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Is spiral-minimize ham at all times pre-cooked?

Often, a spiral-minimize ham is cooked, although not at all times, so you should definitely examine. if the ham has been pre-cooked, it should have a “pre-cooked” label someplace on the packaging.

Pre-cooked hams can come each bone-in and bone-in. bone-in hams are inclined to style higher, as a result of the bone itself provides extra taste and moisture to the dish. nevertheless, some discover it tougher to chop a ham with out slicing and like to purchase a sliced ​​ham.

That is the place the spiral minimize comes into play! This minimize is while you minimize a bone-in ham in a steady spiral. these cuts are often finished by a machine at the processing plant or by a butcher, though you could select to chop them your self if you understand how.

nevertheless, for this brown sugar ham recipe, I opted for a spiral-minimize boneless ham.

cold ham in crock pot ready to dress and cook

Ought to I cook dinner a pre-cooked ham?

no. The truth is, most ham bought in the United States is cooked or smoked earlier than it’s bought. Let’s be trustworthy, who does not love a leftover chilly ham sandwich? nevertheless, if you’d like your pre-cooked ham to have that pineapple-ham glaze, you will positively need to cook dinner it!

Most giant hams are re-cooked as soon as they’re introduced house and a fantastic crust or glaze is added. Don’t be concerned, cooking a pre-cooked ham does not dry it out. all you might be doing is including taste to an in any other case plain tasting meat.

precooked vs. uncooked

shopping for a uncooked ham just isn’t quite common. however if you happen to discover one and purchase it, you will need to cook dinner it till the inside temperature on a digital thermometer reaches 165*f. as soon as that temperature is reached, your ham is absolutely cooked and able to get pleasure from! simply keep in mind to incorporate a scrumptious ham glaze like this recipe earlier than you cook dinner the ham.

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Should you’re cooking a pre-cooked ham with a glaze, you will need to warmth it till the inside temperature reaches 145* f. as soon as your ham reaches that temperature, your glaze ought to be good and flavorful!

uncooked hams ought to be cooked to a minimal inside temperature of 145 ̊ fahrenheit.

brown sugar spread all over ham

what sort of ham ought to I purchase?

There are 5 choices when shopping for a ham. the explicit model and seasoning packet or glaze that comes with the ham just isn’t essential as we’re making our personal glaze. nevertheless, it’s essential to resolve between the following choices:

  • Boneless Ham: A boneless ham actually signifies that there is no such thing as a bone in the middle of the ham. boneless hams are simpler to chop and slice, because you needn’t work with a big bone. these come sliced ​​or uncut. select the one which most accurately fits your wants.
  • Bone-in-Ham: A bone-in-ham can have a big bone in the middle of the ham. a ham cooked on the bone tends to be extra flavorful.
  • Sliced ​​Ham: A sliced ​​ham is usually boneless and the slices are thicker than a spiral-minimize ham. As a result of it is pre-sliced, it makes serving a breeze with equally minimize items of ham.
  • Spiral-Minimize Ham: Historically, a spiral-minimize ham has a bone in the middle. Since the bone can’t be minimize, a machine in the processing plant will minimize the entire bone in a spiral sample, with out touching the bone. these slices are a bit thinner than a sliced ​​ham, however meaning you solely want two items of ham as a substitute of 1!
  • Uncut Ham: An uncut ham is actually only one massive piece of meat. Should you’ve ever seen photos of a grooved, diamond-sample ham, that ham began out uncut. if you happen to select to not purchase a sliced ​​ham, you are able to do so and make your individual cuts in the ham in order that the maple syrup ham glaze seeps into the cracks and flavors the within the ham.
  • professional ideas:

    • the bone itself is great for storing this ham & vegetable soup later! a bone in ham might be present in the uncut and spiral-sliced ​​varieties. select your favourite and revel in!
    • pineapple juice poured over brown sugar ham

      methods to make a simple brown sugar glaze for ham?

      To make your straightforward ham glaze, let’s break down every ingredient you will want!

      • Spiral Minimize Ham: For this recipe I selected a spiral minimize bone-in ham.
      • Brown Sugar – The molasses present in brown sugar will assist add not solely sweetness to your ham but in addition taste. don’t substitute brown sugar for white sugar.
      • Pure Maple Syrup: There are two sorts of maple syrup on this world. the actual issues and the faux issues. for this recipe you need to use 100% actual maple syrup.
      • Pineapple Juice: Save time and use canned pineapple juice as a substitute. You have already got quite a bit happening in your kitchen, there is not any must squeeze a recent pineapple!
      • professional ideas:

        • personally, I like the ease of not having to chop my very own ham and the great thing about completely minimize parts. you will want ¼ – ⅓ pound per individual for a bone-in ham and ⅓ – ½ pound per individual for a bone-in ham.
        • imitation maple syrup is made out of corn syrup and maple extract. Since we have added the brown sugar, we do not want the added corn syrup. so stick to the actual stuff!
        • fresh cooked ham in crock pot ready to serve

          methods to cook dinner a totally cooked ham in a crock pot?

          Cooking the finest spiralized ham in a crock pot is simple. really easy it is exhausting to mess up this recipe! belief me, that is the good recipe for a primary-time cook dinner!

          1. Open ham and discard seasoning packets or glaze, in addition to juice. you needn’t clear your ham. simply place your ham in a crock pot.
          2. wash your arms and rub brown sugar throughout the ham. Do not skimp – ensure that the pork is effectively coated!
          3. pour your maple syrup and pineapple juice over the prime of your ham.
          4. Put your lid on and stroll away! as soon as an hour drizzle your ham with the scrumptious glaze in the backside of the crock pot.
          5. Prepare dinner 3 to 4 hours on low. when the inside temperature of the ham reaches 145*f, your ham is able to eat!
          6. If you wish to create a thicker glaze to your last ham, pour the ham juices right into a pot and place it on the range.
          7. In a small bowl, mix 2 teaspoons of water and 1 teaspoon of cornstarch. (non-obligatory). add to sizzling juices and stir. your combination ought to thicken barely. if it isn’t thick sufficient, repeat the water and cornstarch combination. when able to serve, take away from warmth and place on prime of your ham.
          8. professional ideas:

            • If you do not have a syringe, use an extended-dealt with spoon. Pour the scrumptious juice over your ham, ensuring to get into the slices if doable.
            • If the cap does not match, do not panic. simply take some aluminum foil and wrap it over your ham creating your individual lid.
            • Simply understand that while you take away the foil, use an oven mitt and open it away out of your face, as sizzling steam might escape.
            • after basting, fold foil facet down over sluggish cooker; do not forget that the sluggish cooker will likely be sizzling, so put on an oven mitt or mitts!
            • baked ham in crock pot, zoomed in image

              what dimension ham ought to I purchase for this crockpot ham recipe?

              • Bone-in ham: It’s endorsed to buy a ⅓ – ½ pound serving. that is to cowl the weight of the bone.
                • 8 individuals – 2 ½ – 4 kilos bone-in ham
                • 12 individuals – 4 – 6 kilos bone-in ham
                • 16 individuals – 5 ½ – 8 kilos bone-in ham
                • Boneless Ham: It’s endorsed to buy ¼ – ⅓ pound of ham per serving for a bone-in ham.
                  • 8 individuals – 2 – 2 ½ kilos boneless ham
                  • 12 individuals – 3 – 4 kilos boneless ham
                  • 16 individuals – 4 – 5 ½ kilos of boneless ham.
                  • professional tip: purchase an additional ⅓ – ½ pound per individual so you’ve gotten leftovers!

                    sliced ham on platter with a

                    what garnishes to serve with ham?

                    • mashed potatoes in crock pot
                    • Candy Potato Marshmallow Casserole
                    • Bacon Inexperienced Bean Casserole
                    • orange and cranberry sauce
                    • blueberry fluff
                    • Broccoli Casserole
                    • top view of ham on platter, close up.

                      leftover ham recipes:

                      • ham and cheese sandwich
                      • ham biscuits
                      • hen sous-chef casserole
                      • ham sauce
                      • ham unfold
                      • baked tater tot for breakfast
                      • ham & potato soup
                      • sliced ham stacked upon a platter

                        This brown sugar ham has turn out to be a household favourite recipe! Give it a do this 12 months for Thanksgiving, Christmas for Easter and you will see why it is in demand!

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