Slovenian Food – 23 Delicious Dishes You Simply Must Try

Slovenian cooking recipes

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If that is your first time visiting Slovenia and you are feeling like making an attempt Slovenian meals, many delicacies await you.

whether or not you are an adventurous foodie or need to inject some Slovenian taste into your house cooking, our article is full of hearty and distinctive Slovenian dishes to swimsuit each style.

beneath, we take a better take a look at 23 conventional Slovenian meals. all of them are distinctive in their very own manner, with an enchanting story behind them.

it doesn’t matter what your palate is, there’s something for everybody on this listing of meals that you just should attempt when visiting slovenia.

introduction to Slovenian meals

Slovenia is a small nation with a surprisingly various culinary panorama. Slovenian delicacies is exclusive and colourful.

The meals is influenced by the cuisines of neighboring Austria, Italy and Hungary, in addition to the Balkan international locations, as one of many members of the previous Yugoslavia.

The nation itself is split into 30 gastronomic areas. there are at the very least 22 Slovenian meals merchandise and meals protected on the European stage.

Most Slovenian meals is hearty and easy. cream is a part of many dishes, comparable to bitter pork soup or mushroom soup.

Potatoes and bread are staples of Slovenian meals. look forward to finding many dishes with these two meals included within the recipe. mushrooms are additionally a giant a part of Slovenian delicacies.

so, with out additional ado, listed here are 23 of essentially the most scrumptious conventional Slovenian meals that you need to undoubtedly attempt whereas visiting this lovely nation.

23 Conventional Slovenian Meals You Simply Must Try

1 – ajdovi zganci

This Slovenian nationwide dish is buckwheat spoon bread. it was once thought-about the meals of the poor and an alternative to bread.

Historically, it’s made with water and buckwheat flour, however totally different areas typically use totally different flours, comparable to wheat, barley, or corn, to arrange it. semolina and potatoes are generally added to this dish.

There are various methods to arrange žganci. the flour will be toasted in a pan after which boiling water will be added. or it may be cooked in boiling water, instantly. pork rinds are generally used as a garnish.

Right now, this Slovenian specialty is served as a facet dish with bitter turnips, bitter cabbage, and mushroom soup. for a very genuine style of Slovenian meals, this can be a excellent place to start out.

2 – belokranjska povitica

This conventional Slovenian cake is normally formed like a spiral of crispy, flaky dough with a scrumptious filling. the dough is made with flour, salt, water and vinegar.

belokranjska povitica is full and really decadent. as soon as stretched into skinny sheets, the dough is unfold with a filling of eggs, cottage cheese, oil, cream and butter.

then the dough is rolled right into a swirl and baked. lastly, the dough is minimize and served scorching.

3 – spark plug restore

Bujta repa is a wealthy scorching pot of pork, pickles, and grated bitter turnips. is a standard Slovenian meals, mostly ready within the northeastern a part of the nation.

the preparation consists of stewing the fatty components of the top, pores and skin and neck of the pig along with acidic turnips, spices and condiments comparable to bay leaf, paprika, garlic, onion. a wholesome dose of ghee and millet are additionally included.

Bujta repa is a hearty important course. it’s primarily a thick soup of pork and different elements. it’s a very liked Slovenian meals, particularly throughout the winter.

4 – Jacks

Jack is a hearty vegetable and meat stew and a well-liked winter meal in Slovenia. it’s made with beans, onions, turnips, potatoes, and generally smoked spare ribs.

There are various variations of this Slovenian meals all through the nation. in some components, Slovenes put together it with beans and bitter cabbage with out potatoes. in different components of slovenia it’s made out of barley and native greens.

This soup or stew is commonly made throughout the chilly winter months. in some areas of slovenia it’s eaten with polenta.

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5 – Struklji

Štruklji is the nationwide meals of Slovenia. consists of filo pastry rolls crammed with a variety of savory and candy fillings.

The dough will be boiled, steamed, or fried. the filling can embrace meat, cottage cheese, apple, poppy seeds and even tarragon.

historically, struklji has a filling of cottage cheese. nonetheless, different variations, such because the walnut, have now change into widespread.

Štruklji will be served as a facet dish for meat or as a dessert topped with breadcrumbs. it’s actually scrumptious slovenian meals.

6 – Žlikrofi

This specialty is the Slovenian model of ravioli. Žlikrofi consists of pasta luggage crammed with bacon, potato, spices and minced pork fats.

This Slovenian dish is served with totally different sauces. these embrace rabbit or lamb sauce, vegetable sauce, or fruit jam. it will also be eaten by itself, garnished with cheese, pork rinds and butter.

Žlikrofi is the primary Slovenian dish to acquire protected standing. It may be loved as a important dish as it’s fairly filling, but in addition as a garnish or appetizer.

with so many wealthy flavors to select from, you simply know that is going to be a flavorful Slovenian meal.

7 – bograč

This Slovenian dish is a fancy stew that originates from the well-known Hungarian goulash. bograč combines three varieties of meat; beef, pork and recreation, in addition to loads of onion, candy paprika, potatoes and wine.

These numerous elements assist give the dish a particular taste. mushrooms are generally included within the recipe.

historically, bograč is ready in a cauldron over an open fireplace. the cooking course of is lengthy, from two to 4 hours, however the finish result’s a scrumptious stew with the right consistency. it’s a Slovenian meals steeped in a wealthy historical past.

8 – prekmurska gibanica

This deliciously moist Slovenian dessert is a kind of layered cake. the cake has such an necessary historical past within the nation, it’s a protected European meals.

It’s made up of layers of poppy seeds, walnut and apple filling, cinnamon and cottage cheese. Prekmurska gibanica has a light sweetness, making it excellent for individuals who desire desserts that aren’t too candy.

it is a divine mixture of candy and savory, and it is a Slovenian meals that you need to undoubtedly attempt whereas touring on this lovely nation.

9 – poetic

This iconic Slovenian meals, a donut-like cake, is similar to štrukli. potica is a multi-layered dessert product of dough and crammed with delicate cheese and walnuts.

nonetheless, there are over 100 totally different fillings, so there may be undoubtedly a potica for each style.

Widespread potica fillings embrace tarragon, poppy seeds, cracklings, and walnut. prior to now, the dessert was typically topped with honey. this is among the oldest recipes within the nation, relationship again to 1689.

10 – selinka

Šelinka is a scrumptious thick soup or hearty stew made with plenty of celery. different elements used within the recipe embrace beans, potatoes, rice, and infrequently meat or bacon.

The stew is normally ready throughout the winter. served scorching with a tablespoon of vinegar or dry wine for somewhat shot of acidity.

this was a extremely popular soup in slovenia many years in the past. it’s normally served at dinner as a important course with polenta or potatoes.

11 – pražene gobe z jajci

The recipe for this Slovenian nationwide dish comes from the Štajerska area. pražene gobe z jajci consists of baked mushrooms with recent parsley and eggs, served as a stand-alone dish or as an appetizer.

Getting ready this beloved dish contains slicing the cleaned mushrooms into skinny slices and sautéing them with onions. garlic, pepper and parsley are added to the mushrooms and, lastly, the overwhelmed eggs.

The combination within the pan is seasoned with salt and left within the pan till the eggs are cooked by means of. As for Slovenian meals, this is among the most necessary dishes within the nation.

12 – pohorska gibanica

you could find totally different variations of this layered cake in numerous components of slovenia. nonetheless, pohorska gibanica is typical of the pohorje area. this wealthy and hearty dessert made with do-it-yourself cottage cheese and yeast dough.

pohorska gibanica can have many various fillings. historically you’ll discover it made with seasonal elements comparable to berries, apples, dried pears or tarragon.

dessert is served recent and dusted with icing sugar. it is among the sweetest treats in slovenia and a dish you should attempt.

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13 – regratova solata

do you know that slovenes have a dandelion salad? that’s exactly regratova solata.

Dandelion leaves are hand-picked when they’re younger and tender, with the flower buds eliminated. this uncommon however scrumptious salad is made with dandelion greens, laborious-boiled eggs, thinly sliced ​​boiled potatoes, bacon, crimson wine vinegar, and olive oil.

Preparation contains mixing the elements and seasoning the combination with olive oil, vinegar, bacon grease, and salt. As a Slovenian meals, it’s undoubtedly probably the most refreshing and scrumptious.

14 – Štrukljeva juha

This widespread Slovenian fasting dish is basically a dumpling soup originating from the Maribor area.

Strudel dough is used to make Štruklji dumplings, that are crammed with cottage cheese. then the meatballs are minimize into smaller items and put in a pot of boiling salted water till cooked.

Whereas the meatballs are cooking, the cottage cheese thickens the soup, making it heartier and more healthy. the dish is served sprinkled with chopped parsley or chives.

15 – tlacenica

This Slovenian pressed pork sausage generally known as tlačenica, presvuršt or švargl, originates from Croatia. it’s made with cooked pig components, normally head meat, tongue, coronary heart, cheeks and pores and skin of pig.

to arrange, the meat is deboned and minimize into chops. then it’s seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and candy or scorching paprika, and blended with somewhat oil.

The meat combination is stuffed into the big gut or abdomen of a clear pig to type a sausage. the sausage is then cooked in water, cooled and pressed.

Tlačenica will be smoked and dried in conventional smokehouses for as much as a few weeks. or, it may be consumed instantly after it has been correctly cooked and pressed.

It’s served as chilly meat with bread and garlic. in case you are a giant meat eater, you’ll undoubtedly take pleasure in this iconic Slovenian meals.

16 – mežerli

mežerli is the nationwide dish of Slovenia. it consists of pork lungs, eggs, rice and bread. this dish harkens again to a time when no a part of the animal may go to waste.

The offal, typically lungs and coronary heart, is blended with eggs, rice and bread. as soon as the elements are crushed, the combination is extremely seasoned.

The purée is then baked and served scorching as an appetizer or important dish. It’s normally accompanied by potato salad, boiled potatoes or bread.

17 – matevž

matevž, belokranjski mož, medved or krompirjev mož is a scrumptious and creamy mashed beans and potatoes. this conventional Slovenian delicacy is commonly served with turnips, sauerkraut, roast meat, sausages, ham or pork rinds.

historically, matevž is served as a important course. at present, nonetheless, it’s typically eaten as a facet dish or snack, particularly throughout the winter.

Preparation is straightforward and consists of boiling beans, soaked in water in a single day, with bay leaves and butter. Individually, the peeled potatoes are boiled and blended with bitter cream, butter, and chicharrones.

then the 2 mixtures are mixed and pureed with somewhat garlic. that is scrumptious Slovenian meals to heat the abdomen and soothe the soul.

18 – ajdnek

This historic Slovenian folded cake is made with delicate yeast-leavened buckwheat dough and crammed with candy walnuts. dough typically requires mixing buckwheat and wheat flour in equal quantities.

As for the candy filling, all of the aromas of nuts, cinnamon, honey and vanilla are used, which give it a very harmonious taste. as Slovenian meals, it is one thing you merely need to attempt.

19 – kobariški Štruklji

This heavenly dessert and widespread Slovenian meals was once served solely throughout the festive interval. Fortuitously, these days, it is among the hottest native desserts in all of Slovenia, particularly within the Kobarid area.

kobariški štruklji is made with a skinny layer of dough, lined with a candy walnut filling.

Along with nuts, the filling contains lemon zest, raisins, rum, and vanilla. as soon as stuffed, the dough is fastidiously wrapped.

The štriklji are then pressed within the center in order that they assume their beloved and recognizable form.

kobariški štruklji are greatest served heat. these muffins are usually drizzled with syrup and dusted with buttered breadcrumbs.

You may also discover them sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon, and floor walnuts. this can be a dessert that you just need to attempt.

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20 – obara

obara is a standard Slovenian stew. historically, it’s ready with numerous cuts of meat and inner organs.

Trendy variations of the stew comprise totally different greens comparable to celery, carrots, onions, turnips, beans, and peas.

Prior to now, this hearty Slovenian meal was solely ready for particular events and festivities. at present, it’s an on a regular basis dish for Slovenes from all walks of life.

the stew could be very filling. it’s served as a important dish and is commonly paired with ajdovi žganci.

polšja obara is a very distinctive model of this stew, utilizing dormouse as the principle meat. you possibly can do this delicacy in chosen eating places and cafes in slovenia.

21 – belokranjska pogaca

This scrumptious cake is a kind of flatbread made with 4 primary elements. it’s spherical in form, historically a couple of centimeters thick.

the floor of the pogača is historically minimize within the form of crosshatching. This lovely Slovenian dish is one other of the nation’s gastronomic specialties protected by the EU.

The dough is made with flour, yeast, salt, water and somewhat sugar and oil. glazed with overwhelmed egg and sprinkled with cumin and coarse salt earlier than baking.

belokranjska pogača is taken into account able to eat as soon as it turns a lightweight brown or golden colour. it’s normally damaged by hand and eaten scorching.

22 – prežganka

This basic Slovenian soup is straightforward, scrumptious and nutritious. it’s made with water, spices comparable to paprika, caraway seeds, pepper and salt, and flour, evenly browned in oil.

for extra consistency and taste, add a evenly overwhelmed egg.

soup is served scorching, most frequently with toasted bread or croutons on the facet. Slovenes eat it as a house treatment for hangovers and for a lot of different events.

23 – kranjska klobasa

krainer sausage, kranjska klobasa or carniolan is a sausage that has a really particular ratio of meat to bacon. consists of 20% bacon and 80% coarsely chopped excessive-high quality cuts of pork, such because the neck, shoulder, and leg.

12-16cm lengthy sausages are funneled into pure casing and twisted into hyperlinks, tied and held along with the help of a picket skewer.

The manufacturing course of entails pasteurizing and scorching smoking the hyperlinks till they flip a barely reddish-brown colour. kranjska klobasa is historically seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic.

The key to the right Slovenian kranjska klobasa is to not boil it in water, however to let it simmer for some time. this scrumptious and distinctive sausage with a smoky aroma is normally eaten with mustard and sauerkraut.

overview of slovenian meals

we have now come to the top of our fantastic listing of Slovenian meals that you just should attempt whenever you go to us.

whether or not your palette fits wealthy and creamy soups, baked treats, or candy treats, there’s loads on that listing to get you enthusiastic about your go to.

For the final time, right here is the entire listing of all of the meals lined within the article. make sure you preserve this listing of Slovenian meals helpful whenever you go to, so you possibly can attempt a number of of those scrumptious meals from a avenue vendor, restaurant, or bakery.

1 – ajdovi Žganci2 – belokranjska povitica3 – bujta repa4 – jota5 – Štruklji6 – Žlikrofi7 – bograč8 – prekmurska gibanica9 – potica10 – Šelinka11 – pražene gobe z jajci12 – pohorska gibanica13 – regratova solata14 – Štrukljeva juha15 – tlačenica16 – mežerli17 – matevž18 – ajdnek19 – kobariški Štruklji20 – obara21 – belokranjska pogača22 – prežganka23 – kranjska klobasa

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