Saeujeot (Korean Salted Shrimp)

Saeujeot is a conventional Oriental spice made by fermenting salted shrimp. This umami-rich component includes deepness to the recipe as well as has a shady odor as well as solid salted preference. Find out exactly how to utilize it listed below!

Korean salted shrimp in a small bowl.Korean salted shrimp in a small bowl.

What is Saeujeot?

Saeujeot, Saeujot, or Saeu-jeot (새우젓), additionally called Oriental salted shrimp, is a conventional fermented food made by protecting shrimp in salt.

The shrimp utilized for making saeu-jeot are called jeot-saeu (젓새우) as well as they come from the category Acetes. They are smaller sized as well as have thinner coverings than regular shrimp. It is stated that the most effective top quality fermented salted shrimp is made with June-caught shrimp (by the lunar schedule).

Salted shrimp is usually maintained in a big barrel with a layer of salted shrimps in all-time low as well as a layer of salt ahead. The barrel is after that secured to stay out oxygen as well as grew for lots of months in the color at a reduced temperature level.

Throughout the fermentation procedure, normally taking place lactic acid microorganisms as well as enzymes damage down healthy proteins in the shrimp as well as produce umami taste substances.

Fermented shrimp looks light pink as well as white, with a clear-ish, milklike salt water. It has a solid shady odor as well as is really salted.

Just How To Utilize Saeujeot

Saeujeot is frequently utilized in making kimchi, however it’s additionally a crucial component in a variety of Oriental meals, consisting of fit to be tied eggs as well as soups.

Among its most appealing functions is that it offers deepness as well as intricacy to your recipe without subduing various other components. It is great to keep in mind that saeujeot can be a little bit solid as well as has a high salt material, so you ought to take that right into account when food preparation dishes.

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Saeujeot in a container with red lidSaeujeot in a container with red lid

Recipes Making Use Of Saeujeot

Inspect the dishes listed below to see exactly how I utilize seaujeot in my food preparation.

  • Napa Cabbage Kimchi
  • Cucumber Kimchi
  • Salted Shrimp Sauce (as a dipping sauce) for Bossam (Oriental pork lettuce cover) or Jokbal (Braised pig’s trotters)
  • Oriental Fit To Be Tied Egg (Gyeran Jjim), I utilized Oriental fish sauce in this dish, however it is a lot more typical to utilize saeujeot rather.

Saeujeot Replacements

I believe saeujeot is just one of a type Oriental spice, as well as locating a great alternative would certainly be really challenging.

That being stated, as long as you’re not after the appearance of saeujeot, most of the times, you can utilize Oriental fish sauce (e.g. anchovy sauce) rather.

I have actually seen some individuals utilize Thai shrimp paste with blended success, however because I have not attempted it myself, take this details just wherefore it deserves. I believe a much safer alternative is utilizing Oriental fish sauce.

If you are vegan, you might utilize vegan fish sauce, soy sauce, or red miso paste relying on the dish. Undoubtedly, not every one of these components will certainly benefit every recipe that asks for saeujeot. To be a lot more globally suitable, I believe vegan fish sauce may be much better.

Salted shrimp in a clear containerSalted shrimp in a clear container

The Length Of Time Does Saeujeot Last?

The life span of saeujeot depends upon the quality of the components as well as exactly how it’s kept, however it will certainly maintain for a long period of time as a whole.

Saujeot ought to be kept in an air limited container as well as in the fridge as quickly as you buy it. Generally, it lasts 6 months to a year. Nonetheless, constantly examine the expiry day established by the producer.

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That being stated, the salted shrimp will certainly remain to ferment while cooled, so if you wish to maintain it fresh for a longer amount of time, you ought to keep it in the fridge freezer. It does not ice up strong as a result of its high salt material, so you will not require to thaw it prior to utilizing it.

When salted shrimp wears away, it transforms dark as well as the meat comes to be weak. The fluid comes to be over cast, as well as it scents poor.

Where To Acquire Saeujeot

Generally, you can get saeujeot from an Oriental grocer, specifically where there is a big Oriental populace. Definition, not all Oriental grocers will certainly have it. Search in the fridge or fridge freezer area.

Furthermore, when you get it, seek ones that have a lighter shade as well as shrimps that appear whole/unbroken general.

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