Pepero Day

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Tomorrow, November 11th is Pepero day in Korea. Pepero is a treat that resembles lengthy slim stick to a delicious chocolate finishing. It is extremely comparable to Japanese Pocky.

Pepero day came to be like Valentine’s Day in Korea. It is prominent with youths and also pairs and also they trade pepero sticks each various other as a present (as an icon of love or relationship). You can find out more concerning now from wikipedia.

I have not acquired any kind of pepero for concerning a year, however I purchased 6 packs currently today. Because every grocery store in Korea has actually assigned a big room for the pepero for this unique celebration, it is inevitable. That’s my justification anyhow.

This is an image (listed below) of the pepero I am presently appreciating. The rate (700 won) coincides for the both packages. Yet the quantity of the pepero is drastically various. The Red pack is the initial one, though I suched as the black pack pepero much better, due to the fact that it had a more powerful delicious chocolate preference.



This is an image (listed below) of one more type of pepero. I believe they just make this on pepero week. (Sorry, there isn’t a within photo from this box. I currently consumed them.:-RRB-) There were just 3 sticks of pepero in package, which tastes like rolypoly by Haetae or choco whirlwind by Delfi. (Rate is 1000 won)

Large Pepero

Large Pepero

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