Korean Rice Wine

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Rice wine or improved rice wine is a necessary cupboard product in Korean food preparation.

Below is my brand-new food preparation wine. I acquired it for regarding AUD $3.00 for 500ml (Mirim 미림 by Lotte) at a Korean food store.

Korean Cooking wineKorean Cooking wine

  • Emphasizes: Alchohol 14% and also No MSG
  • Components: Water, Corn syrup, Sugar, Rice, Aging alcohol 14%/ quantity

Formerly when I remained in Korea:-

I utilized to utilize ‘improved rice wine’ to do away with the meat odor. Nonetheless, it additionally consists of all-natural succinic acid which obviously provides a rejuvenating preference also.

Right here is the image of the improved rice wine that I utilized.

Refined rice wineRefined rice wine

It is 1.8 L. (regarding 6500 won, United States $ 6.80)
I just utilize it for food preparation functions, so it lasts a long period of time. Its Korean name is “ Cheong-Ju (청주)“.

– Quick Korean lesson-

” Ju” (酒 in Chinese Chracter) suggests alcohol in Korean.

e.g. So-Ju, Maek-Ju (Beer), Poktan-Ju (boilermaker or cocktails in English)

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