Korean Pear for Korean Cooking

Allow’s discover what Korean pear is and also just how it can be made use of in Korean cooking!

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What is Korean Pear

The photo over has a couple of various names it passes; Korean pear (Bae, 배), Eastern pear and also Nashi pear.

Korean pear is my much-loved sort of pear worldwide! The flesh is solid however marvellously succulent and also pleasant. It has a great crispy appearance also. Though its skin is a little bit rougher and also thicker, so you do not consume the skin.

The only drawback I can think about regarding this pear is that it features a costly tag, also in Korea, and also it’s not quickly readily available in the majority of components of the globe.

Exactly How to Utilize Korean Pear

Among the noticeable methods to consume Korean pear is consuming it as fruit. Simply peel off the skin with a veggie peeler or a fruit blade and also cut it to attack dimension items and also appreciate.

Nonetheless, it is typically made use of in Korean cooking also. Generally Koreans include the pear when they marinade meat (e.g. Bulgogi) due to the fact that it makes the meat tender. Evidently the enzyme called ‘calpain’ does this component.

When it is not readily available (for making marinate), you can replace it with kiwi or pineapple also. Yet I choose making use of pear as it’s much less dangerous. Kiwi and also pineapple can over tenderise if you utilize them excessive or marinade with them for also long.

One more feasible alternative is Bosc pear. It’s not as juicy and also pleasant as Korean pear, however it has some resemblance.

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You can likewise make some pear treat or all-natural coughing treatment with it.

Where to Get

Korean pear is readily available at some Korean supermarket and also some greengrocers if in period. To make it less complicated for everybody, if any one of you have actually seen it where you live, please allow us understand!

P.S. I simply observed that United States offers them on the internet! Just how hassle-free!


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