Korean Fish Sauce

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There are a couple of various selections of Korean fish sauce.

Korean anchovy sauce (Myulch Aekjeot, 멸치액젓), Sand lance sauce (Kkanari Aekjeot, 까나리 액젓) as well as salty fermented shrimp sauce (Saeujeot, 새우젓).

Korean fish sauce is commonly made use of in Kimchi making to increase the fermentation procedure. On some events, it is additionally made use of in Korean side meals as well as soup/stew to provide added umami.

This is the image of anchovy sauce I usually make use of. Anchovy sauce is constructed from fermented as well as simmered anchovies as well as it is a brown fluid.

Korean anchovy sauce - A type of Korean fish sauce | Food24h.comKorean anchovy sauce - A type of Korean fish sauce |

Below are some instance dishes that make use of Korean fish sauce: Fresh Kimchi Salad, Radish Kimchi, Korean Steamed Egg as well as Pork Bone Soup (Gamjatang)

Update: Please refer listed below to Chris’ remark (Mar 20, 2007), which contrasts the Korean anchovy sauce with various other sort of anchovy sauce (e.g. Thai fish sauce). I can not confirm whether the info is right or otherwise, nevertheless, it may provide you some type of assistance when you are picking one.

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