Kimbap Places in Korea

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I keep in mind acquiring some rolls of Kimbab number of years earlier.

There was a store called “Kimbap Nara” (김밥나라) as well as they marketed Kimbap for 1000 won (Concerning United States $1 that time). It was so marvelous due to the fact that it was so affordable.

Kimbap made use of to be 2000 won for the most inexpensive one in those days. So every person aligned to obtain this affordable Kimbap at Kimbap Nara. In some cases I needed to wait on around 10 mins or even more. Yet still every person was so delighted that they can obtain some Kimbap so inexpensively, so Kimbap ended up being a lot more preferred as a basic dish or treat. Prior to that time, it was just an unique barbecue dish.

In Any Case, as the store obtained preferred, great deals of various other comparable stores opened up near the Kimbap Nara. In the community where I live, we have 3 Kimbap stores on the very same road regarding 25m far from each various other.

These 3 franchise business are what we have in this community as well as are one of the most usual franchise business in Korea.

Kimbap Nara (김밥나라, indicates Kimbap nation)

Kimbap NaraKimbap Nara

Kimbap Cheonguk (김밥천국, indicates Kimbap paradise)

Kimbap CheongukKimbap Cheonguk

Kim-ga-ne (김가네, indicates Mr.Kim’s families) Kim/gim likewise indicates algae sheets in Oriental.


They all have comparable food selections, particularly the very first as well as 2nd one. Yet Kim-ga-ne is a little bit a lot more costly than the various other 2 stores, as well as its food top quality is much better. Since I went to Kim-ga-ne I have not been to Kimbap Nara neither Kimbap Cheonguk. I such as tuna Kimbap finest from Kim-ga-ne.

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I wished to discuss these affordable Oriental design junk food buy a long period of time, yet I simply could not attempt to state them. Since, just, their food selections are simply way too much. There have to do with 70 products on each food selection. Nevertheless, the other day, Mary from maryeats shot. She called all the food selections from Kimbap Nara in Oriental as well as English, the rates, as well as likewise straightforward yet detailed summaries. I was just astonished with her initiative. It will certainly be really beneficial if you are living in Korea, if you are not, simply be envious.


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