How to Make Perfect Korean Steamed Rice (Step.2 : How to rinse the rice)

How to rinse the rice

How to rinse the rice

( This is component II ofHow to Make Perfect Korean Steamed Rice Go here for component I and also component III.)

After getting excellent rice, currently we can begin making perfect Korean steamed rice.

The very first step we require to do is to rinse the rice. Do you rinse your rice? I constantly do.

The factor is to remove contaminations such as dirt, rice bran, and also possible farming chemicals. There are some brand names that are pre-rinsed prior to they are jam-packed, yet they are normally 20-30% much more pricey. So we might rinse it ourself, should not we?

While you read the listed here, examine your behaviors if you are washing the rice right.

How to rinse the rice

  1. Run the cool faucet water till it covers the rice. Swish the rice with your hands a number of times and also adjustment the water rapidly (To stay clear of rice bran smell getting involved in the rice).
  2. Repeat the “action 1” 3-5 times till the water cleans out (Nevertheless, you do not require to rinse it till the water is clear. This just suggests you have actually shed much more nourishment).
  3. Soak the rice quickly after washing it (this is advised), however, for some factor, if there is going to be a time void after that it is much better to sieve it and also establish it apart till you continue to saturate it. (Once more it is to stop the rice bran smell getting involved in the rice and also the loss of nourishment). (I will certainly cover “how to saturate the rice” on the following article).
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Points to bear in mind

  • Do not scrub the rice also tough (Or else it can shed its nourishment and also it can potentially damage the grains).
  • If some rice drifts on the water, choose it out and also toss it away (It has actually been consumed by rice weevil– insects).

What were your outcomes? Have you been doing it right?
I require to deal with a few of my behaviors like transforming the water rapidly to stop the rice bran smell getting involved in the rice and also tossing out the pest consumed rice. I constantly believed that tossing the rice is an unforgivable waste (educated by my mommy) and also I had no concept that rice has a smell also. Did you?


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