How to Make Perfect Korean Steamed Rice (Step.1 : What is good rice?)

How to Make Perfect Korean Steamed Rice (Step.1 : What is good rice?) |

How to Make Perfect Korean Steamed Rice (Step.1 : What is good rice?) |

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If you comprehend Korean food society or Oriental food society, you recognize how crucial rice is to our every day life. Ask on your own. How typically do you prepare rice? I prepare it day-to-day. Yeah, it is an extremely crucial component of my every day life. However a lot more notably how typically do you make a success with it?

Certainly “placing rinsed rice right into a pot or a rice stove, include some water, as well as steam it” isn’t as basic as it appears, or at the very least not to everybody. To inform you the fact, I am not a rice professional. I do not make perfect steamed rice at all times either. Nonetheless, I would not mind consuming flawlessly prepared rice at all times, would not you? So I made a decision to begin a conversation concerning this subject, so we can experience a much better eating life.

Efficiently prepared Korean rice (to put it simply tasty Korean rice) is sticky rice that radiates as well as has a yummy scent. Can you picture it? (If you can not, sorry, my English isn’t as good as I desire it to be). However you can not truly taste the rice prior to you purchase it, can you? So right here is a check checklist, advised by the Rural Growth Management (component of the Korean Federal Government), which may aid us to select some good rice.

– Good rice check checklist–

  1. Good rice grain has a white, tidy, clear as well as beaming appearance.
  2. The grain should not have partial black (brownish) or white components between.
  3. The grain ought to be also fit as well as should not have chips or fifty percent smashed components.
  4. The Rice bundle ought to have grated day on it (Most just recently grated rice is the very best. Since 2 weeks after milling, the grain begins to shed its wetness).
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If the rice generally fulfills these demands, it is most likely “ head rice” (which suggests good high quality rice). Obviously Japan has among the greatest requirements as well as returns on “head rice” whereas Australia as well as Korea do not have as high requirements or return than Japan (yet this relies on the brand name). Have you inspected your rice yet? Are you consuming good high quality rice?

FYI, I’m presently making use of sushi rice (brief grain) from Sunrice as well as I more than happy with it. I purchase 10kg of this rice from a Korean supermarket as this dimension isn’t constantly readily available at a normal supermarket (e.g. Woolworth or Coles). It’s around AUD $18 so it has to do with 50% less expensive than Korean rice.


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