How to Keep the Mushrooms Fresh in the Fridge

My spouse utilized to grumble regarding the paper bag for mushrooms.
If you go grocery store purchasing in Korea, there aren’t any kind of paper bags for the mushrooms, just plastic bags are readily available. If you keep them in a plastic bag, they spoil (slimed sensation) actually quickly.

I just recently discovered a means to keep the mushrooms fresher in the fridge. You could recognize currently.

Anyhow, as quickly as you obtain home from grocery store purchasing, secure all the mushrooms from the plastic bag, cover the mushrooms with cooking area paper towel, and also placed them back in to the plastic bag. It is actually impressive how this easy point makes a distinction.

mushrooms wrapped with kitchen towelmushrooms wrapped with kitchen towel

They remain in excellent problem for greater than a week I assume.

If you have any kind of much better concept, simply allow me recognize it. I can attempt that also.

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