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If you have actually ever before refurbished a residence prior to you will certainly comprehend exactly how one really feels providing their precious weekend breaks as much as sanding as well as paint * sigh *. The climate was wonderful at the weekend break as well as although my Saturday was drawn from me, I had not been ready to allow paint remove my Sunday also!

Picking a bush stroll, I believed I would certainly have a little bit of enjoyable changing the standard lunch box right into a gourmet lunch box on the move.

I visualized a gourmet baguette full of lush baked veggies, self-made chips as well as fruit kebabs with yoghurt.

My initial step was arranging a custom-made meant baguette from my neighborhood bakeshop. What’s meant I hear you state? Spelt, although it has gluten as well as isn’t ideal for individuals with gastric illness, however can be endured by individuals with wheat allergic reactions as well as intolerance’s. I do not have gastric illness, however I do discover the results when I consume typical wheat breads. Hardly ever locating a gluten totally free bread that does not taste like cardboard, I select spelt selections where feasible. Spelt preferences wonderful as well as is comparable in colour as well as uniformity to light rye; it’s best for toasting also!

Time for the dental filling, num num! I baked pleasant potato, butternut pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum as well as garlic. I enjoy toasting veggies, it boosts their pleasant flavours as well as brings the preference feeling to the following degree. I bought bocconcini, rocket as well as basil pesto from my neighborhood delicatessens (generally I would certainly make the basil pesto however I went with ease today). Lastly I prepared a set of my Preserved Lemon Aioli, presenting baked garlic to my mix. All that was left was loading the baguette with all these magnificent flavours. Layer by layer the colours stacked up until ultimately the baguette was full, as well as what an attractive view it was.

Following were the fresh fruit kebabs with yoghurt. Fruit kebabs are an excellent choice to offering fruit salad as well as dipping them right into tasty, velvety yoghurt is simply simple ol’ enjoyable. I very, very advise buying a high quality yoghurt such as Gippsland Yoghurt, you require to ruin on your own with something good as well as velvety.

A package of chips would certainly typically be located inside a lunch box so I tried out as well as made my very own. I superficial fried very finely cut potato in peanut oil for my initial set. These crisped up; nonetheless they went a little bit soft once I drained them theoretically towel. I attempted popping them on a cake rack in the stove later on however they really did not appear to crisp any kind of additionally. My 2nd set functioned a whole lot far better. I cleaned sunflower oil on very finely cut potato as well as popped them on a cake rack in a 180 level stove– better! Prior to you pop them right into the stove, spray them with fractured sea salt as well as rosemary.

Moving the lunch box things had not been testing in the least. I merely covered the baguette with cooking paper as well as cling wrap it. The chips entered into a container lined with paper towel. My fruit kebabs were nicely stashed with a different container for the yoghurt.

Prosciutto as well as Roasted Veggie Baguette


Baguette, reduced right into selected dimensions
1/2 Wonderful potato
1/2 Butternut pumpkin
1/2 Eggplant
1 Zucchini
1 Capsicum
4-6 garlic cloves
3 tblsp semi dried out tomatoes, cut
3-4 Bocconcini, cut
Basil pesto
Maintained lemon aioli (dish adheres to)
Couple of pieces of Prosciutto, optional
Rocket as well as child spinach mix
Salt as well as pepper, to period


Preheat the stove to 180 ° C.

Very finely piece pleasant potato, butternut pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini as well as capsicum right into 1cm pieces.

Sprinkle a charitable quantity of salt on your chopped eggplant as well as allow it rest for around 15 mins, blot with paper towel.

Following area veggie pieces as well as garlic on a cooking tray as well as drizzle with olive oil. Period with fresh fractured salt as well as pepper. Prepare for thirty minutes, or up until prepared, after that enable to cool down.

Spread aioli on one side of your baguettes as well as pesto on the various other. Layer the baguettes with baked veggies, bocconcini, semi dried out tomatoes as well as prosciutto, lastly covering with child spinach, rocket as well as fresh fractured pepper.

Miss Food lover’s Maintained lemon aioli


4-5 tblsp high quality entire egg mayo
1/4 Preserved Lemon carefully diced– flesh eliminated as well as skin washed under water
2 baked garlic cloves, mashed


Mix all components with each other as well as move to a great dipping dish.

Self-made potato chips


1 potato each
Sunflower oil
Salt as well as pepper
Fresh rosemary, sliced


Preheat the stove to 180 ° C.

Very finely piece potato as well as press in between paper towels, this will certainly eliminate any kind of wetness. Brush potato pieces with sunflower oil as well as lay on a cake rack. Sprinkle with sliced rosemary as well as fresh fractured salt as well as pepper. Prepare in preheated stove for about 20 mins or up until brownish.

Get rid of from stove as well as enable to cool down on cake rack.

Fresh Fruit Kebabs with Yoghurt dipping sauce

Cut up fruit of your selection.

String fruit in your recommended order onto bamboo skewers. Press with lemon juice.

Gippsland Yoghurt for dipping

So there you have it– my gourmet lunch box.

What do you assume? Eager to try on your own?

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