Five Korean Ingredients You Should Avoid While You Are Pregnant

Are you pregnant and also worried regarding consuming specific Korean food? After that continue reading!

Five Korean Ingredients You Should Avoid While You Are Pregnant | Food24h.comFive Korean Ingredients You Should Avoid While You Are Pregnant |

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First Off, I desire you to comprehend that this short article is not meant for clinical, health and wellness or nutritional suggestions. Neither is it thoroughly investigated to offer you any type of brand-new searchings for. It just works as a conversation factor based upon my quick web search where I saw the listed below ingredients often tend to obtain discussed repetitively in Korean media electrical outlets. If you’re actually worried regarding what you can consume or should avoid, you should look for proper expert suggestions.

At first I composed this short article back in 2013 when I was initial pregnant with my child. As an anticipating mom I as well was extremely anxious and also uncertain regarding whether I was consuming as best as I could.

At my initial obstetrician check out (at around 8 weeks maternity), I was handed a maternity info pack. It included what to anticipate in the coming months and also sorts of workout that benefit a pregnant females and so on. Amongst these, among the documents detailed food that should be stayed clear of by a pregnant female.

As I was undergoing the checklist, there was a number of ‘whaaat!?’ minutes. Simply among others, it stated I can not have actually smoked salmon, pork, salami, sushi, soft cheese (e.g. brie) and so on. Oh no! They are all my favored foods!

Actually, without recognizing, I had actually been consuming those foods up until that minute. After that I began to fret. Is my child mosting likely to be okay!?

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After reviewing that paper, I viewed extremely meticulously what I consumed. After that it crossed my mind, what regarding Korean food? I consume Korean food a lot more regularly than anything else. What Korean food can I consume and also what should I avoid? So I did some fast web searches of Korean language media write-ups and also assembled a checklist of ‘Korean food you should avoid while you are pregnant’ to raise some conversation with you.

Please note– I intend to make it clear once again that this short article is not meant for clinical, health and wellness or nutritional suggestions. Please look for proper expert suggestions if you have any type of problems or inquiries regarding your maternity.

1. Task’s Rips (Korean name– Yulmu, 율무)



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A most typical method to consumption Task’s rips (likewise referred to as Adlay) in Korea is through multi-grain rice (Japgokbap, 잡곡밥) and also Task’s rips tea (Yulmu-Cha, 율무차).

Task’s rips are understood to melt water and also fat that is needed for a child’s development. It likewise enhances the danger of early birth as it launches amniotic liquids and also evidently it can trigger irregularity too.

On the various other hand, Task’s rips are understood to be valuable after delivering as it releases unneeded liquids from the body and also helps in reducing swelling.

2. Mung Beans (Korean name– Nokdu, 녹두)

Mung bean

Mung bean

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Mung beans are primarily utilized in Mung bean pancake (Bindaetteok, 빈대떡) and also Mung bean grow salad (Sukju Namul, 숙주나물) in Korean food.

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Mung bean has a cool particular (in food yin and also yang) and also prevents food digestion.

Mung beans are likewise understood to melt the unborn child’s fat and also if eaten in huge amounts it can trigger a losing the unborn baby.

3. Red Beans (Korean name– Rub, )

Red beans (Adzuki beans)

Red beans (Adzuki beans)

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Red beans (likewise referred to as Adzuki beans) are generally eaten in a type of Red bean posrridge (Patjuk, 팥죽), Korean cut ice desert (Patbingsu, 팥빙수), Korean Glutinous Rice Round Doughnuts (Chapssal Donuts, 찹쌀도넛) and also Half-moon designed rice cakes (Songpyeon, 송편).

While red beans make the entire body’s hormonal agents energetic, it can trigger oxytocin task because of the hormonal agent hyper-secretion.

4. Ginger (Korean name– Saenggang, 생강)



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I regularly make use of tiny dosages of ginger when food preparation meat. Fairly huge quantities of ginger are utilized in Korean ginger tea (Saenggang cha, 생강차) and also Korean cinnamon strike (Sujeonggwa, 수정과).

While ginger is understood to boost early morning illness in the beginning of maternity, consuming excessive ginger can trigger atopic dermatitis to the unborn child because of the spicy quality.

5. Barley Malt Powder (Yeotgireum Garu, 엿기름 가루)

Barley Malt Powder

Barley Malt Powder

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Barley malt powder is most generally utilized in wonderful rice beverage (Korean name– sikhye, 식혜). It is understood to completely dry bust milk if taken in, a lot of Korean females consume sikhye when they intend to quit nursing yet not a lot prior to.

Closing Statements

So, just how exact and also trustworthy is the above info? Well, I do not recognize. The reasoning should be your own, your health and wellness and also physician’s to birth. I detailed 2 recommendation products listed below, which you can review if you such as. (Simply FYI, they are composed in Korean.)

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There were numerous various other sites and also seminar online forums that detailed basically the exact same ingredients as above, nevertheless I really did not intend to note them done in the listed below recommendation area to avoid crowding the room.

Have you had any one of the above foods while you’re pregnant? Do you believe you will still have them after reviewing this message? Why not share your experience and also prepares with your other Korean food fans!

Recommendation (composed in Korean)

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