Pressure Cooker Veg Pulao (Rice Pilaf) – Fluffy and Fragrant

Easy pulao recipe in pressure cooker

Video Easy pulao recipe in pressure cooker

This strain cooker vegetable pulao recipe is aromatic, fluffy, and good each time! doing this in an Immediate Pot or every other strain cooker ensures that every thing cooks quick. cooked with complete spices and plenty of greens, that is the right facet dish.

Pressure cooker veg pulao served in a bowl with crispy onions on top

There is no finish to how a lot I really like rice. we mainly eat it as a lot as attainable. which suggests each day. twice every day. It is principally steamed rice, however now and again, once I really feel prefer it, I make vegetable pulao on this strain cooker. which is lush, elegant, aromatic and very fluffy. you will note within the video beneath.

I actually love how satisfying rice may be, whether or not it is lengthy-grain, quick-grain, moist, fluffy, or damaged. sure I mentioned moist as a result of one in all my favourite issues to eat is overcooked rice with ladles of curry or dal on prime. the rice turns into mushy and extra like mush and is the very best sort of consolation meals. I am somewhat bizarre like that.

this recipe has so many variations. and there are such a lot of names for it – veg pulao, veg pulav, Indian pulao – it would not matter what you name it. it’s at all times an attractive mixture of greens, spices and lengthy grain rice. from what I do know, rice pilaf is completely different in that it’s normally cooked in broth, which supplies it a brown colour, in contrast to this strain cooker vegetable pulao, which is extra like the colour of an eggshell.

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Mise en place for pressure cooker veg pulao. Pcture of frozen green peas, carrots, beans and potatoes n bowls all ready to go into the recipe

All the ingredients pictures in the Instant Pot for pressure cooker veg pulao

what’s the distinction between biryani and veg pulao?

veg pulao is a straightforward recipe by which rice and greens are stir-fried collectively and then boiled or strain-cooked with water till the rice is aromatic, fluffy, and cooked by way of. It’s a one-pot dish the place biryani is normally ready by par-cooking greens or meat which is then lined with rice and simmered.

frankly, vegetable pulao is the quicker cousin of vegetable biryani, which is extra labor-intensive and time-consuming to arrange. my mother makes a killer vegetable biryani and now that I give it some thought, I ought to undoubtedly share the recipe right here for you guys! quickly, hopefully!

prime suggestions for making fluffy pulao with greens within the strain cooker

Just a few fundamental suggestions for making actually fluffy and aromatic strain cooker vegetable pulao are:

Roasting the rice: As soon as the rice is added, grilling or sautéing it for a couple of minutes till the grains are coated, look barely translucent, and begin to odor nutty helps preserve the grains separate so you aren’t getting lumpy rice. this step solely takes 2-3 minutes, however it’s the key to creating fluffy vegetable pulao.

Do not use parboiled greens: Generally frozen greens like carrots, beans, or cauliflower may be parboiled earlier than canning. it will be important that the greens are usually not pre-cooked or they’ll mush. apart from the inexperienced peas that maintain their form.

water to rice ratio: the final ratio for cooking rice is 2:1, however since we’re strain cooking the pulao, we’re decreasing it a bit right here as a result of the steam continues to cook dinner the rice .

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Pressure cooker veg pulao served in a bowl with crispy onions on top

that is undoubtedly an excellent straightforward facet dish recipe that by no means fails to fulfill, particularly in the event you love rice as a lot as I do!

I hope you attempt it and like it!

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  • watch the video strain cooker vegetable pulao (step-by-step recipe)

    I made fairly a number of errors on this video (like not toasting the rice) however I hope you prefer it ????

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