Chorizo, Bacon and Egg Pie

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I, like lots of Queenslanders, experienced an extremely various Australia Day vacation than I had actually expected. Nature absolutely gave out some extreme climate at the weekend break that’s without a doubt! I wish you and your households appeared fairly uninjured. I myself could not think the strength of the wind! I seemed like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, I promise my residence was mosting likely to fly up up and away.

The extreme tornados that rolled throughout Queensland regrettably required me to terminate my ironclad Sunday journey to Caloundra. I was so fired up to invest some high quality time with my Daddy, Step-Mum and more youthful bro at their Caloundra vacation device, nevertheless come Sunday 7am my papa had actually telephoned revealing he really did not desire me driving in the harsh weather. I resembled ‘Daddy it’ll be great’ after that he responded “Hmm well no beloved, it’s not great! We simply had a twister try by”. Still not completely woken up from my evenings sleep, I peered out my bed room home window to the downpour dropping flat, road seamless gutters spurting like falls and flying particles. It was then that I understood that probably my Daddy was right, I had not been going anywhere. It was actually regrettable also, for I had actually made my household a tasty Chorizo, bacon and egg pie. In addition to all that, Mr B was away on a dollars weekend break so I was stuck at residence alone to consume pie and view films i.e. view films and obtain fat.

mini chorizo bacon and egg pie testmini chorizo bacon and egg pie test2.jpg

Intending to develop the ideal chorizo, bacon and egg pie I performed a little Miss Food lover experiment in the cooking area. Was it the open pie or shut pie that was most attractive? Is it smoke bread or filo bread that makes one of the most crisis? With this in mind I made 4 mini chorizo bacon and egg pie’s– 2 open and 2 shut, 2 filo and 2 smoke. I understood practically instantly that my muffin tray quantity was also tiny (or my eggs were also large) for when I broke my egg over the chorizo and bacon loading snuggled in bread it overruned. Not inhibited I bore up and right into my preheated stove my mini chorizo, bacon and egg pies went. All my mini pies exercised well and they absolutely tasted a reward. Despite the fact that collaborating with the filo bread is fiddlier it undoubtedly provided the a lot of crisis and aesthetic allure.

After performing my Miss Food lover experiment, I pertained to the verdict that big pie utilizing filo bread was the perfect selection for my chorizo, bacon and egg pie. The real building and construction of the chorizo, bacon and egg pie was easier in this manner and when cut you obtain the complete aesthetic impact of the entire eggs snuggled in between the breads sheets. It tasted ideal directly from the stove however it did have its appeal being consumed chilly also.

Not the healthiest dish worldwide as a result of its buttery layers of filo bread and flavoursome mix of bacon and chorizo, this pie is still a genuine pleasure no matter.

Chorizo, Bacon and Egg Pie

Chorizo bacon and egg pie full


1 leek, white component just, cleaned and very finely cut

1 natural chorizo sausage, cut 1cm thick

5 organic/free array bacon breakouts

1/4 delicious cheese

Salt and pepper to preference

5-7 complimentary array eggs

1 package filo bread

200g butter thawed


Preheat stove to 180 levels C

Sauté bacon, chorizo and leek in a frying pan over tool warm. Allot to cool down somewhat.

Oil your chosen pie meal and layer with buttered filo bread. * See idea listed below *

Spoon half your bacon, leek and chorizo combination and half your cheese right into the base of your ready pie meal. Damage 2-4 eggs over the combination. Period with salt and pepper. Repeat this action.

Pierce 1 or 2 egg yolks just and permit to spread out around the pie.

Layer over any kind of filo bread that’s hanging over and secure the leading with an additional sheet of buttered filo bread. Brush the top of your pie with butter. Cut a number of slits in the top of the pie. Do not be worried if it looks a little bit unpleasant, once it’s prepared it will certainly look half-cracked and divine!

Prepare for about 30-40 mins or till the pie has actually increased and can be touched without it falling down.

Allow it opt for a couple of mins, cut and delight in!!

* Filo Bread Tips *

Allow filo thaw at space temperature level for an excellent half an hour prior to utilizing.

Filo bread dries and fractures extremely swiftly when it is available in call with air. To avoid this from happening, cover the filo with non-stick baking paper, after that a wet tea towel. This will certainly avoid the filo drying.

Area filo, 1 sheet each time, on a tidy job surface area and brush with thawed butter in between layers. This makes certain a half-cracked outcome.

chorizo bacon and egg pie sliced1

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