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blueberries. Why am I beginning an article on how to prepare dinner black rice in a rice cooker with the phrase “blueberries”? anthocyanin, that is why. er, antho-what? anthocyanin is a highly effective antioxidant and is what makes blueberries blue and black rice black.

It additionally colours raspberries, eggplant, darkish grapes, acai, purple onions, kidney beans, and plenty of extra meals with the identical darkish colours.

And what else do all these colourful meals have in widespread? they’re extraordinarily good for you. it is one of many causes blueberries and all these different meals are so widespread. it is usually one of many the explanation why black rice is turning into so widespread.

in addition they share a widespread attraction for his or her scrumptious flavors.

Extra on anthocyanin later, however an important factor to keep in mind is that it is superb for you. so it is a nice cause to consider using extra black rice in your weight loss plan, not only for the scrumptious style. and it is a little totally different.

good for you however very naughty

Black Rice in a Rice Cooker

one more reason to eat extra black rice is that, shhh, do not inform anybody however…it is…forbidden! properly not precisely. you will not want to go to a black market seller to get it.

oh, see what I did there? black rice from the black market.

do not panic and shut the blinds, you will get it fairly free, open and authorized at many shops. It is named forbidden rice as a result of in years passed by in China it was so prized for its superior high quality and well being advantages that it was reserved completely for royalty and the very high of society.

It was not allowed for us regular individuals, subsequently black rice was prohibited.

so a little bit of historic mischief provides to its attraction.

what does it style like?

Black rice is a entire grain, so it has a more healthy style and texture. it has a distinct nutty taste from the outer bran hull however with a little bit of sweetness on the within. a extra complicated and wealthy taste than white rice. and a lot better for you.

are you able to prepare dinner it in a rice cooker?

sure, you’ll be able to prepare dinner black rice in a rice cooker. it is related sufficient to brown rice to prepare dinner equally, so a rice cooker will do a nice job with excellent outcomes. even higher in case you have a brown rice setting in your rice cooker.

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Certain, you would prepare dinner it the previous-normal means in a pan on the stovetop, however rice cookers are a lot simpler and cleaner to use and create nice outcomes. you will get completely cooked rice with out continually wanting and checking in a pan. And with out the messy cleanup in the event you mess up a pan. You can too parboil the rice for a more healthy possibility!

The sensible factor about a rice cooker is that it stops cooking when all of the water is gone from the pot, after it has been absorbed by the rice or steamed. so you’ll be able to’t burn the rice. in contrast to in the event you overlook about rice in a pan, it can proceed to prepare dinner and finally burn.

Thought for the day: If you go to decide up your takeout, do you get the rice out of a saucepan or rice cooker?

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Let’s transfer on to the directions

Black Rice in a Rice Cooker

Watch out earlier than you begin as you might stain with the darkish pigment of the rice.

1 – measure your quantity of black rice. it is a lot simpler to do that earlier than it will get moist in the following step.

2 – rinse the rice. it is vitally necessary to rinse the rice properly. this can take away the starch that may in any other case make it sticky, which you hopefully don’t desire. use loads of water and a bowl and/or a effective sieve or strainer and rinse the rice till the water is as clear as attainable.

3 – drain the rice properly. to begin with, so that you simply do away with as a lot starch as attainable. and likewise so you understand you are getting the fitting ratio of water to rice whenever you add all of it to the rice cooker.

4 – Put the rice in the rice cooker ensuring to keep in mind how a lot goes into it.

5 – add contemporary water or, in the event you favor, a broth. I like a good watery vegetable broth. add 2 cups for every cup of rice. some say a little extra and a few say a little much less, so 2 to 1 is a good place to begin the primary time round and you may modify a little later if wanted based mostly in your choice, recipe, and rice.

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6 – relying in your recipe, it’s also possible to add some flavors to the rice earlier than cooking it. Additionally, do not forget that black rice is often used candy in desserts, so it is not nearly including salty issues like broth or seasonings.

7: If you’re prepared, simply open the lid and activate the rice cooker. do not forget in the event you’re fortunate sufficient to have a brown rice setting in your rice cooker, change it to that one.

8: It ought to take about half-hour. once more you’ll be able to modify the time if it isn’t fairly proper. in the worst case, you’ll be able to at all times add extra water and begin over.

We speak a lot about ‘cups’ as a measure of quantity. technically, 1 cup is 250 ml, that is a quart or 8 fluid ounces. It is determined by what you are utilizing the rice for, but it surely normally works with a half cup of raw rice per individual. this can double in dimension when cooked to produce 1 cup per individual, clearly.

If you do not have a appropriate measure, you should utilize no matter container you might have available, resembling a glass or mug that is shut sufficient. Simply make sure to use the identical for the water to get the fitting 2 to 1 ratio. As a information, in the event you drank a fundamental commonplace cup of tea, espresso, or vodka after taking a couple of sips, you may have about 250ml or so left. 1 cup.

You possibly can attempt working with handfuls of rice, but it surely will get a little tough when it comes to measuring the water. particularly after a pitcher of Russian vodka.

inform me what’s good about black rice

Black Rice in a Rice Cooker

Okay, because you requested, let’s get again to anthocyanin and all the opposite advantages of black rice. I hope you are prepared for this.

Anthocyanin is an antioxidant flavonoid that fights free radicals! Yeah, me neither, no concept.

in less complicated phrases that we will all perceive, it helps defend the physique’s cells from harm and irritation and cleanses the physique.

black rice has very excessive ranges of anthocyanin; greater than blueberries and the very best of some other grain.

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research have proven that black rice may help management levels of cholesterol, blood strain, and blood sugar. so it could actually assist stop coronary heart illness, most cancers and diabetes.

has a low gi (glycemic index) of 42. evaluate that to white rice of round 70-90. meaning black rice is basically good for diabetics.

in the event you did not know, the glycemic index is a measure of how shortly every meals impacts your blood sugar. a slower launch is best than a blood sugar spike; particularly for diabetics. The index relies on pure glucose with a GI of 100, so the decrease the GI, the slower the discharge, and subsequently the decrease the higher. a gi under 55 is taken into account a low/good gi.

so a 42 gi for black rice is fairly good. take a second to assume the place white rice is on that scale! up to 90. not a lot lower than glucose!

Black rice additionally has fewer energy and fewer carbohydrates than white or brown rice. but it surely has extra protein than its cousins. about 15-20% of the every day quantity per serving.

it is a good supply of fiber. black rice has round 6g or 25% of the every day allowance per serving. fiber is nice for a wholesome digestive system and total well being.

good to your eyes. black rice has vitamin e and excessive quantities of lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that assist defend cells and scale back the consequences of ultraviolet radiation on the eyes.

as if all that weren’t sufficient, black rice can also be a good supply of iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and different minerals that assist keep total well being.

is not it any surprise black rice was so prized and the the Aristocracy needed to hold all of it for themselves? Thankfully, it’s now accessible to everybody.

what’s stopping you?

Now that you know the way to prepare dinner black rice in a rice cooker and the way good it’s for you and the way scrumptious it may be, discover some nice recipes or adapt some utilizing white or brown rice. or as at all times, experiment.

seize the rice cooker and check out the black rice.

You will be glad you probably did. it is good to have a little one thing forbidden from time to time.

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